Online Removal Boxes

Online Removal Boxes

Did you know that you can order moving boxes online? Are you planning to move to Málaga or move from Malaga to another place like Marbella or Mijas ?. If so, probably at this time you are preparing for the big day. The sooner you plan everything, the better, but this can mean a lot of work.

If you still do not have the necessary things for a move, fortunately, you can find all moving supplies online, saving you time and money when, possibly, both were never so important. It is a good way to save energy and lower the price of moving by renting online removal boxes.

Boxit is probably the most innovative company for online supplies of moving materials. Among other things, we offer customers renting boxes for removals resistant plastic for any type of moving. This is much more cost effective than paying for carton boxes and then throwing them away when your move ends. These sturdy moving boxes also ensure that your personal belongings are kept safe throughout the transfer, no matter what happens.

How does it work to order moving boxes online?

This is easy. Just enter the website and enter your zip code you will know instantly if we offer rental service moving boxes with free delivery Where do you live. Do not forget that this service is operative in much of the Costa del Sol as in: Malaga, Torremolinos, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella, San Pedro Alcantara, Estepona or even penetrating the peninsula as in: Benahavis, Istán, Ojen, Monda or Coin.

Moving boxes with delivery and collection

Having this service of moving boxes online in so many cities simplifies your move. Imagine that you live in Marbella and want to move to Malaga, because you ask that we deliver the boxes you need for your move in Marbella and when you have just moved you pick them up in Malaga. Sounds good, does not it? Well this is not all, the delivery and collection is totally free. You can save time and money on your move.

To help you in to calculate how many boxes to move you need order online, on our page you will find packets removals. For example:

  • If you have a studio you choose the pack boxes moving studio. In this pack are 15 plastic boxes for moving with a rental time of two weeks.
  • If you have a one-bedroom floor you choose the one-bedroom moving boxes. In this pack are 25 boxes for moving with a rental time of three weeks.
  • If you have a two-bedroom apartment you choose the pack boxes for two bedrooms, in this kit boxes 40 boxes come for a rental time of three weeks.
  • If you have a three-bedroom apartment, choose the three-bedroom move-in boxes. In this pack 55 boxes come with an additional rental time of three weeks.

And so on until you reach the boxes necessary to make your move.

Do you need more boxes? Without problem after choosing the pack you can increase the number of moving boxes, the same thing happens with the rental time.

Material for online removals.

You need to buy material for removals such as: adhesive tape for packing, plastic bubble roll or plastic roll protector for moving you can also buy all this material and we deliver it with free boxes. To facilitate the work of moving we also rent aluminum carts for moving so that you do not have to carry the boxes in your hand.

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Boxit offers cheap moving boxes with online recruitment. As they are plastic boxes for rent, you do not have to worry about the amount of trash generated by cardboard boxes after you've finished moving. This is another reason why you should rent boxes for moving online. Not only for the practical service, it is also a solution to take care of the environment.


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  • vanesa Answer

    hello my good I have to do change of alfaz del pi (alicante) to callosa del segura (alicante) I need boxes and transport more or less 40 boxes because it is only clothes tableware ect books without furniture.
    sicito budget

    the December 17, 2017 to the 11: 33 am
    • Boxit Answer

      Hello Vanesa .
      We regret, but currently we do not offer rental service of moving boxes in Alicante province.

      the December 18, 2017 to the 11: 30 am

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