How to calculate how many boxes I need for my move

How many boxes do I need for my move?

No home is the same and we will help you answer the question How many boxes do I need for my move?

The number of boxes needed for a move can vary greatly from one home to another. There are factors that directly influence how many boxes I need for my move such as: how many people live in the house, how long do you live there, how big is the apartment, you have a basement or attic. All these factors therefore influence the number of boxes you need.

The size of a carton for moving is approximately the same size as the plastic boxes that Boxit rents for the removals. The plastic boxes for moving are more resistant, ecological and above all it is cheaper to rent than to buy boxes of cardboard for moving.

According to our experience the differences in need for boxes can be really extreme. We have already had orders for moving boxes for one-bedroom homes that have needed 70 boxes and others that have only needed between 15 and 20 plastic boxes.

Here are the parameters to take into account when purchasing the boxes. To know how to prepare a move is to save time and money.

How many boxes do I need for my move according to my personality?

  1. The minimalist.
    As its name indicates, it has a very decent house and almost without things only with strictly necessary things. Do not worry there are only a few homes that manage to maintain this style of living. In this case fewer moving boxes are required.
  2. The normal.
    In this category fits most of the Spaniards. They do not have a minimalist house but they do not have many things either. They usually have a small storage room or a place where they leave all the things they do not use. In this case it is more accurate to count how many boxes you need.
  3. The collector.
    The collector's home is seldom found but exists. People living in this type of home usually find it hard to get rid of their things. Some things do not pull them out because they are related to a memory or just think that someday you may need them. The required number of boxes to make your move in this can reach even twice the normal.

How many boxes do I need for my move according to the number of people in the household?

The first rule to know how many boxes you need is based on the number of people in a household. The longer you live in a home, the greater the likelihood that more things have accumulated. Consequently, you should plan with the number of boxes more generously.

We recommend using the following simple but well-tested rule to determine the number of moving boxes:

Home of a person. As a general rule, you need around 20 boxes for a normal home such as a studio or a one-bedroom apartment. If you share this type of home with another person does not mean that you need 40 boxes but less since some things are shared.

Home for several people. If we start with the rule that for a person we need 20 boxes and for two 30 boxes and for a baby only 10 boxes you can start to calculate how many boxes you would need to move you and your family to a new home.

How many boxes do I need for my move according to the surface of the home?

In this case, finding out how many boxes I need for my move is somewhat more complicated. It is based on the principle that the more surface more boxes you need. Although it is not entirely true, it does not mean that it is wrong. Once again we remember that it also depends on the time you have lived there. Do not forget the basement and the attic. These sites are often forgotten and are the sites that need more boxes.

A rule that approximates the truth in this case is half box per square meter, ie if you have an apartment of 100 square meters you would need around 50 boxes for moving. All this depending on the number of people who live there and also on your personality.


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