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Independence, tips for your first move

Independence, tips for your first move

To become independent and move out for the first time the family home is for everyone a step toward your freedom and is one of the moves that more illusion is done. All thanks to that independence sounds like plans futuristic, to take life in their own hands and to discover that you can fend for yourself without the need to appeal to the family.

Until now everything sounds good that's independence but you've raised how to make your first move?

The first move is one more step toward independence. From our own experience we know that this is not a move colossal as when you move an entire family but moved some personal stuff as: clothing, a computer, a few discs, any suitcase and little more, things that will bring memories and acumulaste during all your childhood. Although it is a few things is always good for a few tips to your first move.

In this article we will not say, nor when, nor as getting independent, only some tips to ensure that your first move is the least complicated.

The first question you should ask yourself is: what I can afford?

Everyone knows that to start a life on your own is say independence is not easy and less on the times. To find the perfect place to live will mainly depend on economic factors, you already know to buy or rent, if you are going to live alone or with more people. Even you must think about things like: at that distance you have left the job, public or private transport. When you have controlled these factors will help you make a budget, keep in mind the costs of food, maintenance of the house and the mortgage or rent.

Second step is planning your first move.

When you've decided and found the floor where you are going to live begins planning your move. A fact quite important, choose to move in a weekend and not during the week. This is important because if you need the help of a friend can go and give you a hand with the move. It is very likely that during the week all of your friends work and have to tell you that they can't help you.

Packaged everything in boxes for moving and begins with the preparations of your new life. Live outside of the family carries with tasks that perhaps you had not thought of before now: ironing, do the laundry, shopping, cleaning the house… And above all do not forget the work! Not to scare you… Have the house clean and organized is not difficult, it is simply a matter of coordination and discipline.

Independence is also think of one's self.

to become independent and live on your own

Surely in home of your parents you never lacked fruit, meat or fresh fish. It is not necessary to change that with your emancipation. Your first move should not be synonymous with neglect, eating fast food or heated in a microwave. It is not a good gastronomic to live alone. You may start to cook and if you don't know Youtube can be a good learning tool, although you can always say to your mother to teach you, do not?.

The last tip is: “don't forget where you came from”.

You're going to live alone or single, start new routines, habits or may be even new relationships. You should not cut to the chase with all of the above. Sure you have loved ones that you miss, is communication and that your messages go beyond comments through the messages. Your mother or your father would sure like to hear your voice and if you can go once a week for house would be great. To I almost forgot, avoid at all costs go loaded with bags of dirty clothes, it is very very bad.

With the passage of time since your first move you'll go grinding those details the life of the independent, good, to speak with honesty would have to say that there are those who do not get never, but that is another story.

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