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Materials moving

Materials moving, everything you need in a mover

How soon are you going to make a move?, Do you know already that material removal you need to?, take note, we're going to explain everything that you need.
Before you make a move it is necessary to know what we need. So that it points in a list the materials of move you need, so that before starting it we have already everything ready.
How can we know the amount of material that we need?, in principle we have to calculate it by eye, yes, better than about to miss. Don't you think?
That amount of moving boxes for example, knowing them will help us to find out a good idea of the objects that we will, as an inventory.
Now yes, we begin with the review of materials for the move necessary.

Moving boxes, one of the most important and material moving.

The first thing we have to ask the mover if he will give us the boxes that we need, in the opposite case we must get them to us.
The size of the boxes should be average, not too big or small, any large box will serve us for all the textile material or objects to something more bulky but with little weight. You must think that someone has to load the boxes into the moving truck.
With a weight less than 25 kg, avoid overloading too much the boxes to avoid end opening, breaking during the transport or back injuries.

Packing tape.

You will need to purchase at least 3 rolls of duct tape, if you have responded already have it, it is important that it be of good quality, as you lay down the cardboard boxes and keep open. The tape also serves for the packaging of objects with the paper bubble.

Transparent Film.

First you have to know that the film of paper is not a protector anti shock. The role of film, we will know for its use in the kitchen will help us to fix the drawers to the furniture and avoid that an end opening.
Normally for a flat medium, it takes two rolls and use it in those cabinets with doors without a key, chest of drawers, bedside tables, etc.

Labels and markers.

For a perfect organization uses labels with the purpose of knowing that there is inside each box.
A pen will help you write in the boxes, for example, write fragile on the box of the elements of glass or ceramic. Also you can put information such as a kitchen, master bedroom, toys, etc...
We will help you unpack after you move easier..

Bubble paper.

This paper bubbles is a vice to some, there are those who even can't avoid exploiting it.
In the moving use is for objects that are fragile and something more delicate.
The dishes, vessels, crystals and all kinds of items that may break during the move will be a good layer of this role.


The shears serve to cut the ribbon or the paper as at the time of unpacking.
The scissors will be our great allies during the move, keep them to hand. If you have children you should not allow them to hand them. In the moving with children there is also that to prevent accidents.

Other necessary tools in a move.

Screwdrivers to disassemble the furniture, machine screw, screws, wrench, tongs.
We will need a good kit of tools with which to disassemble and remove the furniture. Don't forget to have the tools on hand because you will need them also after the transfer to mount everything you have had to dismantle.

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