We keep it all for you and without you leaving your home

Cheaper and more comfortable than a Self-Storage

How does the Boxit online storage work??

The easiest and cheapest way to get more space is to hire storage with pick-up and return
so that you don't have to worry about anything.

caja mudanza

You pack

You can use our sturdy plastic boxes or prepare the furniture for storage.

Carrito mudanza

We collect

We come to your home to collect your stuff, we take care of loading them.


We store

All your stuff is stored safely and securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our storage facility.

camion guardamuebles

We'll give you back

When you need your belongings, you order the return delivery and we bring everything back.

Save everything in three easy steps

storage room location

Enter your address and check if we offer service in your area.

Storage room sizes

Choose the size of storage you need.

Hire furniture guards

Choose dates and make payment.

Secure storage
Surveillance 24 hours

We deliver within 24 hours
Monday - Saturday

Immediate customer support

Hire self storage online

Online recruitment.

You no longer have to leave your home and waste time looking for a storage place. With a simple internet connection you can easily contract our services.

We collect, we store and return your stuff without you having to lift a finger.

Self storage closest to you

Self Storage near you.

Continuously growing so that you too can enjoy our services.

Prices clear storage

Clear prices and no deposit.

In other storage centres they ask for a deposit and sometimes require a minimum of months for the contract.

At Boxit the contract is month to month, no deposit and clear pricing. No more paying extra for space you don't really need.

Custom storage space

Personalized space.

Choose the size of the storage according to your need by m2, even store boxes. If the space is flexible, the price also, so we can offer you the best value for size / price.

And if you need a larger space than usual will also offer you a solution.

service transport

Transportation with loading and unloading.

We know that to rent a van to bring your belongings to a storage facility cost a lot of money in addition to need people to help you load and unload your furniture.

At Boxit we take care of everything so that you don't have to do anything.

security storage

24H security.

Furniture storage, storage rooms, and moving boxes.

Boxit offers a full service storage, storage rooms and rental moving boxes online. Storage rentals may not be cheap and often require a deposit. So that everyone can have access to cheap and efficient storage space, Boxit has set up a virtual storage facility.

To start with, you contract online and in 24 hours you have sturdy plastic boxes at home to store all the stuff you don't have immediate use for. The same boxes are also used for the removal box rental service. We also bring them to your home, saving time and money. We store everything including transport, cheaper and more convenient than a storage room or a self-storage unit.

As we well know, cardboard boxes for removals are not cheap. To make your removal as easy and straightforward as possible, Boxit offers you an online contracting and management service for boxes, very sturdy plastic removal containers that can be rented and delivered to your home.

Innovation Storage

Storage space and SelfStorage Malaga

Do you have space problems and need a cheap storage in Malaga that is modern, clean and safe? Boxit is a low-cost storage facility with a minimum price guarantee. The closest storage room to your home, even in the centre of Malaga.

Boxit! is a company in the storage sector, storage rooms and boxes for removals located in Málaga, we count on our extensive experience in the sector, offering our customers a quality service and storage rental guarantees. We offer advice so that you can personalise and choose the space that best suits you and your needs, make yourself comfortable and don't worry about the safety and well-being of your belongings or furniture that you wish to store in the Boxit furniture storage unit!.

Where we provide services :

At Boxit we have several facilities located along the Costa del Sol. These warehouses are perfectly designed and prepared to store our clients' furniture in a clean and tidy way, orderly and safe, so that no matter how long they are with us when we return them to their new residence or office, you will find them in perfect condition.

Currently storage rental services are available in most areas of the Costa del Sol such as: Malaga, Torremolinos, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella, San Pedro, Estepona, etc... If you would like to find out if we offer service storage economic price, just enter your postcode at the top of the page.

Prices :

To find out what it might cost to store your stuff in our storage facilities you can look at our hiring plans by entering your postcode to get a cheap storage room tailored to your needs and you will know the monthly cost of having your stuff in our state of the art storage facilities. So you don't have to wonder how much storage costs per month?

Prices of storage Malaga Boxit, compared to other companies in the same sector located in the area our low cost storage includes transport and thanks to the flexibility of the service we offer. Boxing means paying only for the space taken up by your stuff. We do not use wooden containers for storage but sturdy plastic boxes that are easy to handle and transport. You can even store in our storage by the piece and if you have a lot of stuff to store we adjust the price to offer you the best value for money in our furniture storage storage in Málaga.

Boxes for removals

The removal boxes we use for rental are robust and designed for easy handling during removals. We use the same plastic crates for our online storage. An environmentally friendly system that saves money as there is no need to buy cardboard boxes for removal.

Commissions the moving boxes you need online with home delivery and collection. Boxes for removals for individuals and companies. Why buy boxes for your removal when you can rent them?. Boxit offers a green and efficient alternative to your removal in Malaga with rentals cheap boxes for removals.

Simply go to our removal box rental portal, choose a convenient date and time for you to receive the boxes you need, and we will bring them to your home. From now on you will no longer have to buy cardboard boxes for removal, we also know that they are not cheap.

In conclusion, renting removal boxes save time and money.

What some of our clients say

trasteros para estudiantes


During the holidays I always had to take my things to my parents' house to store them until I started studying again. Now I don't need to think about it. The best solution was given to me by Boxit. With their service you can store your things in boxes at a cheap price.

Almacenaje para familias numerosas

Large family

We are a large family and each time with less space in house. We were looking for a place to store things we didn't need right away, that it is safe, because everything has a sentimental value. Since we discovered Boxit, it has helped us a lot with its sturdy storage boxes.

Trastero en Málaga sin salir de casa


I am a sports lover, I have also been skiing since I was a child and now I have my own space to store all my sports equipment without taking up space in my study. Boxit has kept everything in plastic boxes and when I need them, he brings them back to me.

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