We keep everything and without you leave the house

Cheaper and comfortable than a storage room

How does work Self Storage Boxit?

The way more easy and cheap to get more space is to hire a furniture storage with pickup and return
for that you don't have to worry about anything.

box moving

Your packing

You can use our sturdy plastic boxes or prepare furniture for storage.

Cart moving

We collect

We come to your house to collect your belongings, we take care of uploading them.

Furniture storage

We keep

All your belongings are safely stored in our storage facilities.

truck storage

We will return

When you need your belongings we'll send back them to you.

Keep it all in three simple steps

Location storage

Enter your address and check to see if we offer services in your area

Choose the size of storage that you need

Choose the dates and make the payment .

Safe storage
Surveillance 24 hours

We deliver within 24 hours
Monday - Saturday

Customer service immediate

Hire self storage online

Online contracting.

You no longer have to leave home and lose the time to find furniture storage. With a simple internet connection you can hire easily with our services.

We collect, store and return your belongings without the need of your move a finger.

Self storage closest to you

Self Storage near you.

In continuous growth so that you too can enjoy our services.

Prices clear storage

Straightforward pricing and no deposit.

In other centres of storage require a security deposit and sometimes you impose that the contract is for a minimum of months.

In Boxit the contract is month-to-month, without bail, and with straightforward pricing. You will not have to pay others for a space that you really don't need.

Custom storage space

Personalized space.

Choose the size of the storage according to your need by m2, even store boxes. If the space is flexible, the price also, so we can offer you the best value for size / price.

And if you need a larger space than usual will also offer you a solution.

service transport

Transportation with loading and unloading.

We know that to rent a van to bring your belongings to a storage facility cost a lot of money in addition to need people to help you load and unload your furniture.

At Boxit we take care of everything so that you don't have to do anything.

security storage

24H security.

Furniture storage, storage rooms, and moving boxes.

Boxit offers a full service storage, storage rooms and rental moving boxes online. The rental of storage rooms or storage may not be cheap and many times asks for bail. So that everyone can have access to a storage room cheap and effective, Boxit created for a storage virtual.

To start hiring online and in 24 hours you have in your house, boxes of plastic resistant to store in them all the things that you don't give them an immediate use. The same boxes are also used for the service of renting boxes for moving. In addition you get closer to your home, saving time and money. We store all of with transportation included, cheaper and comfortable than a storage room or a storage.

As we well know, cardboard boxes for moving are not cheap. To make your move do it quickly and easily, Boxit offers a service of hiring and managing online boxes, very resistant and of plastic for moves that you can rent and receiving in your house.

Innovation Self Storage

Storage space and SelfStorage Malaga

What problems of space and need a storage cheap Malaga is modern, clean and safe? Boxit is a storage economy with the minimum price guaranteed. The garage nearest to your home even in the centre of Malaga.

Boxit! it is a company in the sector of the storage, storerooms and boxes for removals located in Malaga, we with our wide experience in the sector, offering our customers a quality service and guarantees for the rental of storage rooms. We offer advice so that you can customize and choose the space that suits you and that suits your needs, get comfortable and stop worrying for the safety and welfare of the appliance or furniture that you want to save in the furniture stores Boxit!.

Where we provide service :

At Boxit we have multiple warehouses located along the Costa del Sol. These craft are perfectly designed and prepared to save the furniture of our customers in a clean, neat and secure, in such a way that for a long time to be with us by returning them to your new residence or office, you will find them in perfect condition.

Currently the service of rental storage is available in the higher part of the Costa del Sol as: Malaga, Torremolinos, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella, San Pedro, Estepona, etc... If you want to find out if we offer service selfstorage economic price, you only have to enter your zip code at the top of the page.

Prices :

To know what it can cost to store your things in our facilities furniture storage, you can look at our recruitment plans by entering your zip code, and so as to achieve a storage room cheap-to-measure according to your need and you will know the monthly price that will will have your belongings in our modern storage rooms. So you will not need to ask what is the cost of storage per month?

The prices of furniture storage Malaga Boxit, compared with companies of the same sector located in the area of our storage rooms economic includes transport and thanks to the flexibility of the service offered. Save by the box means you pay only for the space occupied by your belongings. We do not use wood containers for storage but sturdy boxes from plastic that allows easy handling and transport. You can even save in our storage for parts and if you have a lot of things to save we have adjusted the price to provide you with the best quality price furniture storage in Malaga.

Boxes for moving

The boxes for moving that we use for rental are sturdy and designed for an easy handling during the moving. The same plastic boxes we use for our furniture storage online. An ecological system that allows you to save money since you won't need to buy cardboard boxes for moving.

Responsible for the moving boxes you need online with delivery and pickup to home. Boxes for removals for individuals and businesses. Why buy boxes for your move when you can rent them. Boxit offers a green alternative and efficient to your move in Malaga with rental cheap cartons for moving.

Simply go to our website for rental boxes for moving, choose a date and time convenient for you to receive the boxes that you need, and we will bring to your home. From now you don't have to buy cardboard boxes for moving, in addition we know they are not cheap.

In conclusion, renting plastic boxes save time and money.

What say some of our customers

trasteros para estudiantes


In the vacation always had to carry my stuff to my parents house for storage until I started studies again. Now I don't need to think about it. The best solution I given to Boxit. With their service allows you to store your things in a box with a cheap price.

Almacenaje para familias numerosas

Large family

We are a large family and each time with less and less space in house. We were looking for a site where you save things that are not needed immediately, que sea seguro, ya que todo tiene un valor sentimental. Desde cuando descubrimos Boxit nos a ayudado muchísimo con sus resistentes cajas para guardar.

Trastero en Málaga sin salir de casa


I am an entire lover of sports, from small I have also practiced ski and now I have my space to keep all the things in the sport without me taking up space in my study. Boxit has taken charge of storing everything in plastic boxes and when I need to I bring returned.

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