Boxit, your storage room in Malaga with delivery service.

Did you just arrive in the city and your things do not fit in the new house already furnished? Are you going to temporarily go to another city to work and want to rent your flat? Or do you have a taste and a minimalist style but you do not want to get rid of it? of your personal things? Boxit offers a fast and efficient storage solution without the need to move around the city. Better than the furniture repository and storage rooms in the area of ​​Málaga.

No matter how many things you want to keep, Boxit takes care of everything.

We know that beginning in a new city without knowing anyone is a little difficult, so we offer an all-inclusive service, to avoid worrying about where to leave your things or how to take them. If you rent your apartment for a short period of time for sure you do not want other people to touch your personal things, you can store them in our pits and when you need them we take you to your door. A service of Furniture storage in Málaga center and vicinity.

Your store in Málaga without leaving home

Boxit is the store that is closest to your home even in the center of Malaga.

For those who do not like to have crowded the living room but can not throw stuff that has sentimental value, the most economical way to store all your stuff is provided by Boxit. A cheap storage in Málaga that comes to your house. Something change? No problem, we return your stuff within 24 hours.

Boxit the smart storage solution with home delivery.

How does it work ...

We put at your disposal our high quality green boxes to store your things, bringing them right to your door. Ask for as many boxes as you need.

Save everything you need to temporarily store in the pits. We can also store your own boxes. Select a delivery date and an address of Malaga or any other site within the territory that we operate.

We transport the boxes to our warehouse. And if you need anything, we bring them back quickly and easily in 24 hours.

Where and how are your things stored?

Our warehouse is in a safe place in Malaga. The site is fenced and monitored with cameras. There is a security service at 24 hours. Access to our warehouse is totally prohibited, only access to our authorized operators.

All boxes, boxes and bulky items stored there are protected from moisture and dust.

How much does the storage cost with transportation?

Boxit, a storage room in Malaga without leaving home. We deliver boxes, collect them, store them and return them. An easy way by which you should not worry about anything.

The delivery of boxes and their respective collection is free. You will only pay for the boxes or bulky items you want to store and 9.99 € when you want the return.

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