You do not necessarily need to contact us. You can easily make changes by logging in to your customer account on our website. If you need help, you can contact us by e-mail at
No, We deliver sealing systems with the boxes to securely lock your boxes before collection. We care about your privacy. Security seals are provided by us but you can buy padlocks on your own for extra security. However, we are obliged to open the boxes when we suspect illegal content (see our terms & conditions).
Yes we offer all types of materials that serve for the removal as: paper, bubbles, tapes, etc... and even you can rent for example a cart to carry the boxes.
Order your boxes and select a delivery date with a convenient lead time, we will then deliver the boxes to the address provided. Always within our service area, which you can check by entering your postcode on the homepage. Pack your boxes and prepare your bulky items. We collect all your boxes, floor and Box items for an additional cost in Zone A of €9.99 / route and Zone B for 19,90€ / journey. Bulky items in larger storage rooms incur an additional charge depending on the size selected. We take your belongings to our secure storage facilities at no additional cost to the pickup as long as they are picked up on the same day, the carrier shall expect maximum 20 min. When you need your boxes or bulky items back, simply visit our website, choose a time and place, and we deliver them to your home or office at the same additional cost of collection.
After having chosen a convenient date and time of delivery, Boxit delivers and collects boxes for storage or simply collects your belongings to be stored. The prices you see on our website are monthly cost prices plus the additional charge for pick-up and return on request. Our driver delivering the boxes will call you 20 minutes before he arrives. You can even expect 20 minutes so you can pack your boxes. Do you need more time to pack? Don't worry, our driver will pick them up later or on a different date at an additional cost depending on the area.
You can place your order here at our web site. Select the number of boxes or the package of moves that you want to rent and the dates of delivery and pickup are most convenient for you. Boxit will send you an e-mail confirmation of your order and will call you before with 20 min. of the delivery or collection of boxes.
In your customer account on our website you can see which and how many boxes and articles you have stored. All boxes and items are marked with a visible barcode for easy recognition. If you wish, You can even tag boxes and items or upload images of the contents of each box so you always know what's in it. Before delivery, we will send you an email with step-by-step instructions on how it works. For your convenience, we provide you with a list to document the contents of each box. If you lose the paper or don't remember what was in your boxes, we can (we can) open the boxes for you to upload the images to your account.
Algo ha cambiado? No problem, through your customer account you can exchange everything free of charge up to the 24 hours before delivery and/or collection.
As soon as your boxes are stored in our storage facilities, you will see them with their bar codes in your customer account. Below, you can start loading the images.
Use our Boxit application to add images and/or notes to each box while packing. Scan the barcode of the box and/or item. It will appear directly in your personal account. Now you will never forget what you have stored in each box.
That's easy! Go to your private account on Boxit and select the items you want to recover. From your account you can select one or more items including the total withdrawal of your stored items.
Boxit rents small four-wheeled trolleys that can be used to move the boxes indoors. And two-wheeled trolleys for outdoor use, make your move much quicker and easier as you don't have to carry the boxes in your hand.
Absolutely! If you have a moving company and I hire you, you can use our boxes. You will save the company time in loading and unloading boxes and avoid broken items which saves you a lot of money and hassle.
We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa) and Paypal payments for your storage solutions. For your convenience, we process payments automatically on a monthly basis. If you wish to cancel your storage option, contact us and we will make sure that everything will be sorted out.
The first instalment will be charged when you place your order. You will then be charged on a monthly basis, always calculating one month from the day of collection of the boxes and/or articles. You pay exactly for the number of days the boxes and/or items are stored.
As many times as you want. You even have the option of leaving boxes to ask for their return at another time. For each return of your boxes and/or stored items we charge you an additional fee according to the additional collection amount.
Our boxes are made of plastic 100% recyclable and can be used hundreds of times. Boxit provides the ultimate green box! Compared to your normal cardboard box, our durable boxes save hundreds of trees, water and electricity. Paper and cardboard accumulates at the 20% of the waste in the western world. It's time to make changes and to save the world by becoming green! Rent the boxes you need to conveniently store your stuff and help the environment at the same time.
Our plastic boxes are larger than the standard cardboard box.. It measures 60cm x 40cm x 37cm and has convenient hinged lids for secure closure and applicability.. In addition to being reusable, they are also environmentally friendly.
Our plastic moving boxes are larger than standard cardboard boxes. It measures 60cm x 40cm x 37cm and has convenient hinged lids for easy closing and stacking. They also have practical handles for easy handling.
Your boxes and/or items will be stored in our specially prepared storage facility located in Malaga. For security reasons we reserve the right not to disclose your address..
We are currently supplying boxes for removals in the greater part of the Costa del Sol as: Malaga, Torremolinos, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella, San Pedro or Estepona. To find out if we deliver moving boxes in your city you must enter your zip code at the top of the main page.
We are currently supplying and storing boxes and bulky items in a great part of the Costa del Sol as: Malaga, Torremolinos, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella, San Pedro or Estepona and soon in Seville and Cordoba. Our area of work is in continuous growth. You can check if we offer services in your city by entering your zip code on our home page. For more information, please send us an e-mail to
Boxit is simple and transparent: what you see is what you get and pay! Only you will pay for what you order. The pickup and delivery of our moving boxes is paid according to the area of delivery and collection. Area A has a charge of 19.90€ / journey, in the Zone B is an additional charge of 24.90€ / route and Area C has an additional fee of 29,90€ / journey. You can check which office has your area by entering your zip code to choose the pack of boxes that you need.
Yes, the minimum storage period is 1 month. You will then have the option of paying for the next month or requesting a refund. If you need to store your personal items for a long period of time, there is no problem with the time you need to pay month by month. If you need to remove the boxes or the stored equipment before 1 month no problem. Simply log in to your customer account and request a refund, but don't forget that the minimum period is 1 month so you will not be credited for the money paid for the remaining days after the return.
Yes, although we really try to stock all your items, a person must be able to carry them and therefore be able to, the elements must weigh less than 25 kg. For large items, just send us an email to and we can offer you a rental solution per m²..
We have prepared several packages that we believe are sufficient according to the number of rooms. It is only an estimate. When ordering your moving boxes your you choose the amount you need.
Yes, your data are safe with us. We will not provide any account information to third parties. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.
Yes. Boxit delivers directly to you. We will send you a confirmation email with the date and time of delivery and the delivery driver will call you shortly before your arrival. Someone to represent you (this person must be officially communicated to us) must be at the agreed address for delivery and collection of the boxes. If you can give us additional information about your address, please do so (for example, concierge service, corner house, telephone, etc.).
We take care of everything! Saving you money and hassle - we offer sturdy and easily stackable plastic boxes (so that you do not have to buy the cardboard alternative), we deliver the boxes to your address, we pick them up and return them when needed. In addition, we offer a clear and transparent payment system, no hidden costs. You pay per box or item and not per square metre, which means you never pay for space you don't need, as is the case with storage rooms or furniture storage.
The boxes of plastic are better for you and the environment. Our boxes are reusable are easy to stack and when they are empty they are easy to store and save space during and after their storage. They are more resistant than the cardboard, easy to carry due to ergonomic handles and are water resistant. No more cracks or dents, and you will never have to seal or enhance the box using tape. In addition, our boxes can be closed firmly and are easy to stack !So nothing goes in or out! Boxit is serious about hygiene: after use, all boxes shall be cleaned and disinfected. Save trees by using plastic. Our box of plastic 100% recyclable can be used to 400 times and then can be recycled. A cardboard box, in comparison you can use 1-3 times before disappearing into the attic or landfill (20% of the waste disposed in landfills consists of paper and cardboard!). If the entire country used our plastic box, we could save millions of trees, millions of litres of water and millions of square feet of garbage PER YEAR. The cardboard boxes can also be reused! It is true, but the cardboard boxes last about 1-3 displacement and recycle a cardboard box still uses tons of clean water, energy-expensive, requires labor, and causes pollution. In addition, each cardboard box new need the 30% of the pulp of cardboard new, that is made out of trees, in order to obtain the same sturdy structure.