What a new member in the family, more and more numerous, you need a storage room?

What your home will seem increasingly small and can't store all of your belongings in a space so limited?, Does your team hobby has to make room for a new baby?, Or if your girlfriend/or is moving to your house?, Do you need to take care of assets of members of your family?, Do you or will you do works in your house and do not know where to leave your stuff? Then it is clear that you need a storage room for large families, that does not cost a lot of money.

Boxit, the storeroom, where you pay only for what you store.

The storage facilities are outdated as the storage or storage rooms will charge you for the room you rent, so you often have to pay for a storage room spacious you don't really need. Most of the time your belongings need to be deposited in a storage facility outside of the city. This costs a lot of time, gasoline, money and is often stressful.

Because many families need a storage room where you store part of your belongings and be able to enjoy more space in your home. Each member of the family means less space.

Almacenaje para familias numerosas

Boxit offers a storage solution for large families with all inclusive.

We offer the storage solution is all-inclusive. The storeroom cheaper and more simple that exists in the market. Equipped with storage boxes that are reusable and a storage facility secure, we provide the boxes, the collect and store for you during all the time that you want. There is No need to rent an entire warehouse, with Boxit pay per box and not per m2.

Do you need something from a box? We deliver your boxes or items you want within 24 hours. Therefore there is no need to leave the house, everything you need for your large family it is in a single click.

There is No stress about where to store all your stuff or solve difficult puzzles to that entity all in a space so limited and, as always, when you need something safe that is in the background of the storage room, just relax and use the storage solution Boxit, we take care of everything.

Storage easy and simple way to

Delivery / Collection Eco-friendly Manages online

How it works …

We put at your disposal our boxes high quality green to store your stuff, bring them right to your door. Order as many boxes as you need.

Save everything you need to store temporarily in the pit. We can also save your own boxes. Select a date for delivery and an address in Malaga or any other site within the territory which we operate.

We transport the boxes to our warehouse. And if you need something, we returned quickly and easily in 24 hours.

Where and how to store your stuff?

Our warehouse is located in a safe place in Málaga. The site is closed and guarded with cameras. There is also a security service 24 hours. The access to our warehouse is absolutely prohibited, only have access to the our operators authorized.

Especially all the boxes, boxes and bulky items are stored there are protected from moisture and dust.

How much does it cost storage with transport?

At Boxit we provide a service of storage full. We deliver boxes, the collect, the store and the refund. An easy way by which you should not worry about anything.

Transportation of delivery boxes and their respective pick-up is free. You will pay only for the boxes or bulky items that you want to store and 9.99€ for the return.

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