Materials moving

Materials moving, everything you need in a mover

How soon are you going to make a move?, Do you know already that material removal you need to?, take note, we're going to explain everything that you need. Before you make a move it is necessary to know what we need. So that it points in a list the materials of move you need, so that before starting it we have already everything ready. How can we know the amount of material that we need?, in principle we have to calculate it by eye, yes, better than missing....

Mistakes that you can make during a move

Mistakes that you can make during a move

If a move causes a stress quite high and it is normal to commit some errors, let's see what are the mistakes that you can make during a move. Knowing which are these errors you will be able to carry out your move with total success. Without further delay we start with our list of errors in a moving, take note so that you don't fall into them and be able to do it without any type of incident.

Desmontar muebles según tipo.

Te puede parecer una idea bastante buena desmontar los muebles y...

Moving urgent Boxit, what are and how to do them?

Moving urgent, what are and how to do them?

Moving urgent are specific types of moves where you have to be very clear, many factors to ensure that nothing fails and that moving even a move urgent, it is a move of total success. Since its founding the company Boxit we have faced virtually all types of removals: moving large families, students, moving small apartments, moving from big houses, or office moves and business. Moving urgent, as its own name indicates, They are characterized by....

Storage cheap Estepona Malaga

Storeroom cheap in Estepona, Boxit furniture storage, flexible

What you are going to renovate the house or change address and need to rent a storage room cheap in Estepona? Are you looking for a storage place to store your belongings safely and economically? In Boxit, you can do so without any type of commitment to keeping your belongings for the months you need. With us, you can rent storage rooms for months or smaller spaces such as box office, even save by the box according to the needs of each client in Estepona with total comfort. To do this, we have different centers of storage, located...

Your move after the summer holidays

Moving after the summer holidays

Much it costs us to start after the summer holidays it's time to get with the move that we have postponed for these sunny and well-deserved vacation. A move after the summer holidays is at least palatable, pore if it is better to know which would be the most practical and efficient move with the minimum of effort. As you well know, moving companies are the best way to make a move without spending money on....

A move comes out cheaper if you do your company or a company

What a move comes out cheaper if you do your company or a company?

Today we are going to see which comes out cheaper, do your self moving or hiring a company specializing in moving. When it comes to saving, sometimes it's necessary to make some good calculations to see which is the best solution. As you well know a move can cause a stress high enough, both physical and psychic. Before we get to full on the move let's look at the benefits of a good coordination and the benefits where we can save money.

Make a move yourself.

If you are thinking....

Tips for moving in summer

Moving in the summer, it is a good or bad idea

In the summer they usually have a lot of free time for the holidays and this leads us to venture the change of address. This is the moment when we ask ourselves... what Is a good or bad idea to make moves in the summer? If you find yourself in this situation this article you may find interesting.

Some of the reasons that made moves in the summer.

One of the main reasons why families with children move is that the school year is over..

storage rooms for entrepreneurs, self-employed and shops Boxit

Boxit, storage rooms for entrepreneurs, the self-employed and shops

Today we're going to talk about our storage rooms for entrepreneurs, freelancers and stores to see how Boxit has become a Self Storage ideal for small business owners from Malaga to Estepona. There are entrepreneurs that are starting a business of their own, also self-employed using your home as a place of work and people who have a physical store small. What they all have in common? Work-from-home or your commercial premises is very small and they need space to develop...

Find out how much it costs for a move

How much does it cost for a move ?

If you ever had to move house, sure the first question that pass through your head was how much it costs for a move. And if you never, until now, you had moved, but you're going to do it soon, it is a fundamental issue in addition to insurance you'll want to know the answer. The effort and work involved in moving house, with all the belongings that package, to prepare and to transport from one site to another, You have to do the math to know how much it costs..

How to help a friend move

Help a friend to move out by renting moving boxes online and other items

We all want to help a friend move and support you in the day of your move. But sometimes we are not always available to help, whether your friend moves in another province. Or you already have plans that day, you can even be to be working. The good news is that there are certain things that you can hire online and you can give your friend the best gift of all. A moving without stress. Through every step of....

How to make moving green

Is it possible to make a moving ecological ?

Make a move and try to damage as less as possible the environment, or with other words make a “ moving ecological " it is not a simple task, but not impossible. There will always be some tips to follow, that can help the transfer of our furniture and personal items to be a little more ecological. In the first place, you should know that not everything that is practical is eco-friendly. Although when we talk about moving, we can't add more stress to everything...

Find out how to transport my furniture to the storage room

How do I transport my furniture to the storage room ?

When you rent a storage room you have to take into account a few factors such as for example how to transport all the things that you want to store in the storage hired. Many people wonder: How do I transport my furniture to the storage room ? since they are the enceres larger. One of the most influential factors is the location of the storeroom, since it is often the drawback of firms is that they are located on the outskirts of the cities, where it is more feasible to have spaces..

Why hire the storage Boxit if you're moving

Why should I hire the storage Boxit if you're moving?

Storage has many benefits useful for any person who moves. Not only can it be used as a means to maintain the safety of the furniture and belongings special during the search for a new home. But that also may be a long-term solution to keep your home and your life organized. Below we will explain to you, because you will have to purchase the storage Boxit if you're moving. To make your move as easy as possible through the use of our....

Benefits of house moving

Benefits of house moving, change of home is to change your life

There are people who move for work or simply to become independent and create her own path. Let's see what the benefits are of moving house. You already know what is being said change of home is to change your life. In the life we live different stages, some of these are good, others, not so much. It is something normal, almost no one has the perfect life, but it is possible to influence in all this. Obviously with just moving house it is sometimes possible to, so not always....

Boxit moving urgent in Malaga with supply boxes

Moving urgent in Malaga and the surrounding area with supply of boxes

In the current market there are many professionals and moving companies, but how many can say that they are a mover urgent in Malaga and the surrounding area with supply of boxes for moving? We're not talking about the typical cardboard boxes where, besides being expensive, your belongings may suffer damage during entire process of move. At Boxit we provide our sturdy plastic boxes for moving. Designed specifically for moves 100% satisfactory, equipped with handles and lids...

4 tips before Moving to a smaller house

Moving to a smaller house, 4 basic tips

More people are choosing to move to a smaller house, saying goodbye to a large house where the maintenance is quite a car, the cleaning never ends and things seem to accumulate magically on every corner and closet. Moving can be a great thing, however, it's not always easy to change a big house to a modest home. Let's say you're moving to Malaga. Want to learn all about the area and use these:

Four tips for moving into a house...

Why not use cardboard boxes used

Why not use cardboard boxes used for moving

Many people when moving looking for cardboard boxes used in all sites but do you think that using cardboard boxes for moving out of the container it is a good idea?. Then we're going to give you some advice because you should not use cardboard boxes used and most effective solution.

Where to find cardboard boxes used?

The cardboard boxes are found in practically all sites. One of the most frequent places to find cardboard boxes are the containers near....

Storage for growing families

Storage for growing families

Whether you are a parent or you're expecting your first child, nothing is as amazing as the birth of a newborn. It is an exciting time for the parents, but it may cause stress once you realize the wide-ranging work that involves preparing for a baby. Boxit is here with tips for what you'll need for the baby and to give you the best solution on storage for growing families.

Things you'll need for the baby.

Love is something important that you must...

As lowering the price of my move

How to lower the price of my move?

When it comes to moving, put in a little effort it can be very helpful in terms of saving money. Many of us wonder how to lower the price of my move before making it. If you might as well go with a mover to complete or draw numbers and see if it is cheaper for a move made by ourselves. In this article we will compare a little the two options and see how out our move cheaper. The goal is....

Choose good boxes for moving

The best boxes for moving are essential

The best boxes for moving are packages that can change from a fast moving, easy and simple to a move of total failure. Think of these pieces of cardboard so fragile they are the only thing that separates your belongings from damage, get dirty or even break. As well, it is essential that in every move we take our time to choose that moving boxes we will use on our next transfer. Just the value, but without them our activity is unthinkable. Good boxes....

office move

Office move, a guide for organizing a professional moving

Are you planning an office move but do not know where to start? Do you have a small business with office or a corporation with hundreds of employees? Organize a professional moving an office can be quite complicated regardless of the size of your work site. Whether you are looking for a larger place to play for your job, or simply a more suitable place in an environment that is more helpful, We are here to remove the complexities that....

Get a move cheap

Moving cheap. How to save on your move

Make your move cheap is easier than you think. We're going to give you some tips for how to save on your move. When you have already decided to move house or to start a new life in your next home, hire a moving service, cheap is very important to your pocket. A good way to get the job done safer for your belongings and also much faster for you is to find the company..

How to save money on moving

10 Ways to save money on Moving

Let's talk a little bit about how to save money on moving. If you are planning a move, this post can teach you how to make your move cheaper. Moving is expensive. In fact, most of the people are not prepared for the costs that include the fees of moving , the rental of a van and packing supplies. Even if you are only moving to the other side of the city, You'd be surprised how much money there is...

Find out where to store belongings during the reform

Where to store belongings during the reform?

Sooner or later every one is facing with the reform of your apartment or your office. And always with the same dilemma of where to store belongings during the reform ?. Of course, many of the times it's just about painting the walls and ceiling, or buy some furniture. But it is not always a question of a small reform. Sometimes there is a desire to change the interior dramatically. And then the question arises: where you save things, home appliances...

Alternative to cardboard boxes for moving Leroy Merlyn and Amazon

Alternative to cardboard boxes for moving from Leroy Merlin and Amazon

Are you looking for an alternative to cardboard boxes for moving Leroy Merlin and Amazon? What is affordable and functional? In this article we're going to teach you why it is more convenient and useful to rent moving boxes of plastic instead of buying the conventional cardboard. The cardboard boxes can be purchased in establishments specific to the sale of material moving, but it is also sites like Leroy Merlin or you can even buy for removals online at ...

Boxes and packaging for moving

Boxes and packaging for moving high quality at the best price

Looking for boxes and packaging for moving that are at the best price but without compromising on quality? We know that is not easy to make a moving of a house or a business. There are always doubts if all of your personal items to arrive from one place to another in a single piece. Anyone who has ever packaged using cardboard boxes knows that you can chafarse easily during the transfer, putting all of your interior at risk during the moving process. For your next move, consider others...

Tips to make a move and not die in the attempt

How to make a move and not die in the attempt

Today we're going to talk about a topic that is very important, how to make a move and not die in the attempt. Of course in a figurative sense. Moving can cause a headache, in a figurative sense and literal if we are not careful. What we can tell you from our own experience that lifting heavy objects and transport them can be hard on the body. Especially if you're not used to hard work. Surely the last thing you want is to suffer an injury in the middle of....

Tips to pack moving boxes

10 Tips for packing boxes moving

Everyone knows to pack things into moving boxes, since this is put things in a box and close it. But the question is: Do you know how to properly pack a moving box? With these simple tips to pack into boxes all your stuff moving around will be much easier.

10 Tips for packing boxes moving.

Elegir y conseguir la caja de mudanza Ordenar y separar las cosas antes de empaquetar Etiquetar cada caja Empezar a empaquetar Empaquetar...

moving house at Christmas

Moving house at Christmas

It may be hard to believe, but Christmas is already here. While for many people, this time of year means staying on the inside, watch tv with the family, eating and drinking in abundance, if you are in the process of moving house at Christmas time can be a rather worrying and a lot of stress. If you have to move house between Christmas and New Year, In this blog post we have put together a couple of tips..

Tips on moving in winter

Moving in the winter How to make it more easy?

Moving is a hassle in the best of cases, and worse if you have planned a move in the winter. You may have to deal with the bad weather. Rain as well you know benching, cardboard boxes and many other problems that can cause not to forget the extreme cold. It's hard to move in winter with safety, speed and efficiency. For that reason we will give you some tips on how to make your move in the winter easier. Being life as it is,...