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Boxit offers a green, efficient and cheap alternative to your move.
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Green Box

Volume: 88 Liters
Load: 25 kg.

What fits in a box?

80 T-shirts or 8 Winter coats or 12 Folders or 377 DVDs

starts with 2,90€ Box / 10 Days

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Rent of boxes for removals in Málaga

Your moving easier, economic and ecological with our boxes for removals.

It is often said that making a move to another house is one of the most stressful things in modern life. Studies have shown that it even overcomes the collapse of relationships, divorce and the start of a new job in terms of the stress levels that the move can really cause. While nothing can stop the basic and immutable fact that a moving day is a stressful day, that day can be made much easier.

More and more people from Málaga and its surroundings are choosing to rent boxes for removalsonline plastic to make the day go through this process more smoothly.

Boxes of cardboard or plastic for moving?

Do you remember the days of going to all the local supermarkets and stores asking if they had empty boxes of adequate size to pack your things or go to specialized stores and buy moving boxes? Our reusable plastic boxes make that unpleasant part of pre-packaging a thing of the past.

With our sturdy plastic boxes, you can also be sure that the bottom will not break and nothing will fall during the move, as can happen so easily with the cardboard boxes.

How to rent boxes for removals?

For renting moving boxes simply go to, choose a convenient date and time so that you receive the boxes you need, and we will bring them for free. Once you have received our moving boxes, pack your things easily and safely, then you can make the move yourself or hire a moving company.

The standard size of our plastic moving boxes is 60 cm x 40 cm x 37 cm (88 liters), 10% larger than a standard carton for moving, with ergonomically designed handles and resistant tops that facilitate transport and its stacking. If you do not feel like carrying the boxes by hand, we also rent carts that can carry up to three full boxes at a time.

Save time and money on your move.

Once you have finally moved out and unpacked, just let us know. We will come to collect our empty moving boxes. It really is that easy. So if you move to Malaga.

Why not save time, money and stress, in addition to putting your part for the environment and rent boxes for plastic removals in your next move?

Do not forget that buying cardboard boxes for your move is not cheap. In addition, after unpacking, throw them and this directly affects the environment. Our system moving with plastic boxes It will help you to save money, time and you will decide when to return the empty boxes. We will take care of everything, simply indicate where to take the empty boxes and where to pick them, but always in our service area.


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Absolutely! If you need an extra week to fill, change and unpack boxes, you can extend the rental time. Please contact us by email: [Email protected], Contact Form or by contact telephone that appears in the main page.

Absolutely! If you have a company that is dedicated to moving and the contract can use our boxes. It will save the company time in loading and unloading the boxes and avoiding the broken articles that saves you a lot of money and hassles.

Our moving boxes are stronger, more durable and easier to use during your move. As we deliver them and collect them from your address at no cost, it saves time and energy. Our boxes do not need any assembly or tape to seal them - no tears, no bottoms.

We will do everything possible to make your move as convenient as possible. When you have finished unpacking the boxes earlier than expected and wish to schedule an early return date, you can do so by sending us an email: [Email protected] We will do our best to pick up the boxes on a date ahead of schedule.

No. Boxit is simple and transparent: what you see is what you get and you pay! You will only pay for what you have ordered. In addition, the delivery and collection of our boxes of moving is gratuitous.

You can place your order here on our website. Select the number of boxes or the package of movers that you want to rent and the dates of delivery and collection that are more convenient for you. Boxit will send you an email confirming your order and will call you before with 20 min. Of the delivery or collection of the boxes.

We are currently supplying boxes for removals in: Malaga, Torremolinos, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella, San Pedro and soon in Seville and Cordoba.

In 24 hours. Normally deliveries are subject to a prior notice system once your request has been confirmed. An attempt will be made to comply with the agreed term provided that due to some impediment due to force majeure it can not be fulfilled.

What some of our customers say

Furniture storage for students

Maria Velasco

Since when I emancipate lived in rental apartments in Malaga and I have touched more than one move and I have always done with cardboard boxes. Unfortunately I always broke some and my things ended up broken. Thanks to Boxit's service of renting plastic boxes for moving I will never happen again.

Storerooms for large families

Juan Carlos

Boxit Moving Boxes with Free Delivery and Pick up Service from Boxit is just perfect. I needed boxes to move in Mijas and the next day I had them in front of my door without spending time looking for the expensive cardboard boxes for moving.

Storage room last minute

Anna Moliner

It is nice to know that aside from saving money in my move from Marbella to the rental of Boxit plastic boxes I have contributed in the care of the environment. After making my move they have come and picked up the boxes without having to throw away anything like the carton boxes.

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