Terms & Conditions


Boxit is a company dedicated to the collection, transportation, storage and return of goods and furniture that customers deliver for storage as rental boxes for moving and sale of packaging material.

Georgian Paun is the owner of Boxit with registered office in Marbella / Málaga, postal code 29660. Address: Calle Ramón Areces s / n, building 3 and with CIF / NIE nº X9934134-C.

We operate through the website www.boxit.es and these are our Terms and Conditions with which you will agree and automatically accept if you make a contractual agreement with us.

These Terms and Conditions could be modified, so you should read it before making each order.


These Conditions are the only conditions applicable to the use of this website and replace any other, unless express prior written consent of Boxit. These Conditions are important to you and to us as they are designed to create a legally binding agreement between us protecting your rights as a customer and our rights as a company. You declare that, upon placing your order, you have read and accept without reservation the present Conditions.

1.1 The Client is an individual of legal age or legal age, who provides his / her data by registering on the web and contracting the services, and by this act guarantees that he / she has the legal capacity necessary to enter into binding contracts.

1.2 Most areas of this website are open to everyone and can be visited and accessed without having to place an order and / or record your data. By accessing any part of this website, you are accepting the Terms. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of this page, you must leave immediately, and you can not make any order through it.

1.3 The user and client are obliged to make correct use of the web in accordance with the provisions of these conditions and in compliance with current law. Your registration to our website provides you with a username and password so the Client will take all necessary measures to maintain the confidentiality of its identifier and password, the Client responding to the damages caused to Boxit as a result Of the use of the same by third persons.

1.4 All the information provided by the Client through this web must be true, guaranteeing the client the authenticity of all the data that he communicates, as well as keeping that information updated in a way that responds, at all times, to the actual situation of the client . In any case, the customer will be solely responsible for the false or inaccurate statements made and the damages caused to Boxit or third parties.

1.5 By accepting our terms and conditions to enter into a contract with us, you are automatically agreeing to be subscribed to our newsletter.

1.6 The availability to the web page is of 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year. Boxit will not be liable if this web page is not available at any time or during any period of time. Access to this website may be suspended temporarily and without prior notice.

1.7 The transmission of information over the internet is not completely secure. While we will take the necessary steps to protect the information about you, we can not guarantee the security of your data transmitted to the website. Any transmission will be at your own risk.


This information and the details contained in this website do not constitute an offer to sell, but an invitation to do business. There will be no contract between you and us in relation to any product or service until your order has been expressly accepted by us, even if you have already been charged to your account. If your offer is not accepted and a charge has already been made to your account, the amount will be refunded in full.

1.1 Once a contract is formalized between a customer and Boxit, our storage containers (plastic boxes) will be delivered, which becomes the customer's total responsibility. The damage that our Boxes can suffer or their intentional or negligent loss will be applied a surcharge of 28.90 € per box, that covers the material damages.

1.2 The geographical area that Boxit provides services either to store in our warehouse or to rent the moving boxes is determined at each moment on the web. On the home page at the top you will find a field to check if we provide services in your area using your zip code. Boxit, at the request of the client, will provide at the address indicated, within the service coverage areas, boxes Boxit and the number requested.

1.3 The customer is responsible for the correct packing of the goods inside the boxes, as well as the objects or their suitcases that the same contributes to the boxes. It is of its entire responsibility the adequate protection to avoid breakages of those objects that are susceptible of breakage.

1.4 Boxit will be responsible for collecting the boxes at the same address and transporting them to the storage point established by Boxit for their respective storage. On the date the client requests it, 24 hours later Boxit will proceed to return the boxes to the address indicated by the client, always within the service coverage areas (check your postal code before placing any order) same in the case of renting boxes you can change the address where we have delivered by a different one but always in our service area.

1.5 Once the customer has requested a pick up or return service and has been authorized to pay, you can not cancel it or you can request a refund once it is within 24 time to complete the collection or return process. The client must check the information and the address that he / she enters in the web when requesting a service and correct any errors before confirming the request, since once done no longer can be corrected errors.

1.6 To enter into a contract between us and provide a service from Boxit you must authorize the payment in your bank account. When the payment made is not authorized, your service request will not be processed. If you change your mind after we have delivered our boxes and do not save anything in our warehouse, you will be automatically penalized and pay the amount equivalent to one month of the order placed plus the return transport. If you change your mind with the box rental service in the range of 24 hours for delivery, you will pay an 9.99 transportation penalty.

1.7 The estimated times of 24 hours of the deliveries and pickups of the boxes are facilitated by the carriers and are only estimates. Neither Boxit nor the carriers guarantee that service requests will be executed within the estimated time frames. Boxit reserves the right to be able to carry out the transportation and storage service by contracted third parties.

1.8 By accepting the present delivery and return service, you are accepting the entry into the house of the personnel responsible for making the deliveries, and we ask that you remove anything that could be damaged at the time of delivery. Except in the event of our negligence, we will not be liable for anything that has not been properly withdrawn if you could have taken reasonable steps to eliminate or minimize the risk.


The price of our services will be that stipulated in each moment in our web site, except in case of manifest error. Although we try to ensure that all prices listed on the page are correct, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of the services you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible and we will give you the option to re-confirm your order at the correct price or cancel it. If we fail to contact you, the order will be considered canceled and will be fully refunded the amounts that have been paid.

1.1 The rates of the contracted service, as well as the discounts, are those outlined on the website at any time and excludes transportation services only applies to storage.

1.2 The tariff associated with the transport, both collection and return, is accepted by the customer at the time of making each of the service requests. The monthly fee for storage is accepted by the customer at the time of making the request for service and is always billed and charged in advance. The transport price of both collection and return for the rental of moving boxes may carry an additional charge of 9.90 € in some geographical areas. The areas where we offer home delivery are classified as Zone A where the delivery is free and Zone B where we apply a single payment for transport of 9.90 €.

1.3 A minimum storage rate is established which corresponds to the first 3 usage times of the service for each box. The rates for services offered and contracted can be modified by Boxit, which is obliged to keep them updated on the web.

1.4 The website Boxit integrates the only possible forms of payment for the contracting of the requested service, not being accepted other than those already foreseen.

1.5 The delivery and collection of the boxes is subject to an additional charge of 9.90 in zone B and free in zone A while the return of the delivered boxes for their respective storage within 20 minutes takes place when it receives the boxes. If you do not give time to pack in these 20 minutes and the carrier has to return another day will automatically apply a charge of 9.99 €.

1.6 The return of your boxes, boxes and items has an additional charge of 9.99 €. You can request the return on different dates but with each return you will pay the additional charge.

1.7 If a customer wants to buy our boxes, its price is 28.90 € per unit, not including the transport of 9.99 € that will have to be paid before the delivery of your order.

1.8 The forms of payment for the rental of moving boxes are: PayPal and cash when delivery is made at the indicated address. The rental prices are those always stipulated on the page unless there is a fault and we will give a new price.

1.9 The non-payment for the furniture storage contract entails an additional charge of 14.95 € in the first 3 days of delay from the date of collection of the goods. From the third day the charge is 5% / day according to the monthly amount of the furniture storage contracted. For the refund to be made, you must pay all outstanding charges plus the return payment as the current month. The non-payment for three consecutive months will be understood as the dissolution of the contract as well as the transfer of your saved assets in order to cover your accumulated debt.


The contract will start with the acceptance of the same by the client and the first charge will have been made in his bank account and will be valid until the return of the last of the boxes or objects that he has in our possession. After the period of time marked when contracting our storage service of 3, 6 or 12 months, it is automatically renewed month after month until it requests the total return of the goods stored in Boxit or in the case of rental of boxes after the period Minimum of 14 days is automatically renewed day after day. The period above the contracted one is charged per day of storage although the whole month is paid, the money of the remaining days is returned to the indicated account at the moment of formalizing the contract.

The Agreement between you and us is binding on both you and us, as well as our respective successors, assigns and assignees.

You may not transfer, assign, encumber or otherwise transfer a contract or any of the rights or obligations arising therefrom in your favor or to you, without obtaining our prior written consent.

We may transfer, assign, tax, subcontract or otherwise transfer a contract or any rights or obligations derived therefrom in our favor or for us, at any time during the term of the contract. To avoid any doubt, such transmissions, assignments, encumbrances or other transfers will not affect your rights as consumers recognized by law or will cancel, reduce or otherwise limit the express or implied warranties that we may have granted.

For breach of the obligation to pay. In case of non-payment, delay, return or rejection of the charge in the means of payment, Boxit will proceed as established on the website. In the event that the client does not opt ​​for any of the options described on the website, and without prejudice to the actions that Boxit may exercise against the customer for the amount due, the boxes and their contents shall be understood as abandoned under Article 460 Of the Civil Code.

It is understood that from this conduct and act of the client is translated his will to stop exercising the factual power he had on the goods, becoming such abandoned goods, being fit for occupation. In this sense, Boxit will dispose of the abandoned property as its right agrees, with no more limitations than those established in the laws, being able to destroy them, to abandon them, or to carry out whatever acts of disposition they deem appropriate in relation to them.


The client declares for his own responsibility that the stored goods are of legal origin, being his peaceful or legal property possession and disposition or, as the case may be, express and authoritative authorization of his owner or of whom he has the right to dispose or administer the goods. Themselves. Likewise, it states that they are not affected by any obligation or guarantee, nor are they seized or judicially or extrajudicially taxed.

Should Boxit harbor any suspicions about the wrongfulness of the stored objects or the contravention of the provisions in relation to the elements listed as prohibited (content or provenance), it will communicate this circumstance to the relevant legal authority in order to be adopted The corresponding measures.

Animals (live or dead), plants, weapons, works of art or antiquities, medicines, explosive, inflammable, toxic or radioactive products, perishable foods, toxic or psychotropic substances, pornographic material, contraband, cash, precious materials are expressly prohibited , Gems or diamonds and in general anyone whose possession, storage or storage is subject to regulation or registration by the competent authority.

It is also prohibited to store any type of liquid, as this could cause damage if the container breaks to its own objects stored in the same box. The storage of fragile products is under your responsibility. Boxit does not carry out the packing of the contents of the boxes, nor can it verify its condition before the packing, reason why in no case, is responsible for the content of the same. The service offered by Boxit is not suitable for high-value items or requiring special storage or packaging conditions.

Therefore in the present Conditions the client assumes any responsibility that could be derived in the event that the objects or goods stored cause damage to other stored goods, the place and goods in which they are or the people who are in them. Consequently, the customer expressly undertakes to assume any claim that, in relation to the previous case, may be made to Boxit by a third party in connection with such damage.


We reserve the right not to relieve the exact location of our warehouses for security reasons. The access to our warehouses by the client is totally prohibited. If you need to access one or all of your boxes that we have stored you will have to request your return and delivery through our website.

Boxit reserves the right to determine the place of storage, as well as to change the location of the goods packaged by strategy, necessity of the service, works or force majeure, without this may suppose contravention of the agreement or right to any claim on the part of the client.


The contents of the boxes, the state of conservation and their correct packaging is the exclusive responsibility of the customer. Boxit receives the closed boxes from the customer and seals at the time of collection and undertakes to return them in the same state, so that neither know nor can know the contents of the same or the state of goods included.

Boxit puts at the service of the Customer a series of utilities that make it easier for the client to carry out an inventory of the content of each box hired and whose use is not mandatory for the customer. Boxit is committed to ensuring that this inventory is not accessible to any of its employees or subcontractors, except for those who, due to their technical responsibilities, must access the entire website.

The content packaged by the client will be considered confidential, and no information regarding such objects can be opened or used, except for judicial authorization or police intervention. The client accepts that, for all purposes, no inventory, including that made with the online tools provided, has any legal validity whatsoever, nor is it evidence that those items were actually in the box that was delivered to Boxit, nor That his state was documented.


1 Contract resolution by the client.

The customer may dissolve this contract at any time by prior notice on the website to collect all the boxes and / or large objects covered by the contract and payment of return costs.

The withdrawal and return of the boxes or objects stored by us can be done at the time that the client wishes always in a minimum period of 24 hours. In case this withdrawal takes place within the first 3 months of service, the minimum charge will be for 3 months.

In the case of rent of boxes for moving the client can request the return in a date earlier than estimated in your order but we will always have the possibility to choose day and time for the collection within the established period.

2 Contract resolution by Boxit.

Boxit reserves the possibility of early cancellation of the contract, which will inform the customer with an advance notice of 30 days, after which will proceed to the return of the boxes stored in the address for this purpose, against payment by the Client with The costs of return. In the case of Boxit box rental, the possibility of early cancellation of the contract is reserved, which will inform the customer with a prior notice of 24 hour before withdrawal of boxes.


The prices of the service provided by Boxit include an economic guarantee on each transported and stored box that is documented on the Web, except for large objects, since they are not inside our box and we can not guarantee to return them in the same state, since they are not 100% protected. The customer states that the total material value of the contents of a box does not exceed 100 €. In case the content of said box is greater than this amount, the client undertakes to contract additional insurance.

The customer will be entitled to this guarantee exclusively in the following situations: disappearance of the box, breakage, burn or complete loss of the box. Since only the customer packs the goods in the box and only he knows its contents, the customer recognizes that Boxit is not responsible for any damage to the contents of the boxes or disappearance of one or more items, as long as the seal has not been violated .

The client will have the option to contract additional insurance for his account whose cost will be incorporated into his periodic quota. In this case, Boxit will act solely as a marketer and it is obliged to provide the customer with the information on the contracted insurance. Any claim linked to the additional insurance will be made by the customer directly to the insurance company.

By accepting these conditions, the client renounces the filing of any economic claim for the contents of the boxes other than that contained in this clause.


Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions of Use excludes or limits the liability of Boxit arising from the negligence, false or fraudulent statement by Boxit or any other liability that can not be excluded or limited by virtue of applicable law .

Nothing contained in the Terms and Conditions of use of this website affects your legal rights. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Boxit will not, under any circumstances, respond, even if arising in connection with the service or the Website, (including the use, inability to use or results of the use of the service or the Website)

- Any loss of profits, sales, business or income.
- Loss or corruption of data, information or software.
- The loss of business opportunities.
- Loss of anticipated savings.
- Loss of goodwill or any indirect or consequential loss.

Boxit shall not be liable for damages and damages of any kind that may lead to the visit and navigation through the Website www.boxit.es. Access to the website does not imply an obligation on the part of Boxit to control the absence of viruses, worms or any other harmful computer elements. It is up to the client, in any case, the availability of adequate tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful software.

Boxit will not be liable for any damage generated to the user in case of inability to provide the service object of these Conditions due to cases of unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure or other causes not attributable to Boxit not being responsible for the inadequate functioning of this Web by tasks Maintenance due to incidents involving national and international operators, a defective configuration of the user's equipment or their insufficient capacity to support the computer systems indispensable to be able to make use of the service or, ultimately, no harm derived from events and Incidents that escape Boxit's sphere of control. The user will be liable for any damages that Boxit may suffer as a result of breach of any of the obligations to which it is subject by these conditions.

Boxit is not responsible for breaching its contracting, delivery and refund obligations if it is by force majeure, shall mean any act, event, omission or accident that is beyond our control and includes in particular (without limitation) the following:

- Strikes, lockouts or other industrial action.
- Civil commotion, revolt, invasion, terrorist attack or terrorist threat, war (whether declared or not) or threat or war preparations.
- Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, sinking, epidemic or any other natural disaster.
- Impossibility of using trains, ships, airplanes, motor transports or other means of transport, public or private.
- Inability to use public or private telecommunication systems.
- Acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of other governments.
- Strikes, failures or accidents of maritime or fluvial transport, postal or any other type of transport.

Boxit is not responsible for the damages produced in the computer equipment of the client or third parties during the provision of the service of the website, nor is it liable for damages or damages of any kind produced in the client that cause failure or Disconnections in the telecommunications networks that cause the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service of the Web Site during the provision of the same or with a previous character.


These Terms and any document expressly referred to herein constitute the entire agreement between you and us relating to the subject matter of the Agreement and supersede any other agreement, agreement or promise entered into between you and us verbally or through written.

You and we acknowledge agreeing to enter into this Agreement without having relied on any statement or promise made by the other party or which may be inferred from any statement or written in the negotiations between the two prior to such Contract except that which is explicitly referred to in these Conditions.

Neither you nor we shall have remedies against any uncertain statement made by the other party, verbal or written, prior to the date of the Contract, unless such a statement was made uncertain fraudulently and the only recourse available to the other Part shall be for breach of contract in accordance with the provisions of these Conditions.


In accordance with current regulations, all contracts made through this website, such as storage and transportation, will be subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) and will be included in the prices shown on the website.

In this respect and, in accordance with Chapter I of Title V of the 2006 / 112 Board of Directors, of 28 of November of 2006, relative to the common VAT system, deliveries and storage services shall be understood to be located in Spain, being the VAT applicable in all types of transactions made through www.boxit.es being this type of tax included in each order.

If you are a company and wish to deduct the VAT charged for each order made with us you will only have to indicate when filling in your details. In the field of I am company must include the CIF of the company that contracts our services.


Boxit is committed to the protection of the Customer's privacy and security. All personal data we collect from the client will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the provisions of 15 / 1999, Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data.

Boxit uses Cookies to obtain information about how the Web is used in order to improve the quality of the site and the service.

Customer must review our Privacy Policy and our Cookies policy , Which are incorporated in this website.


All notice that Boxit is required to make under this agreement will be made to the customer's email address or to the telephone number indicated on your customer card. Any change of email address or telephone number will be notified by the customer expressly, editing the customer profile on the Boxit website.

Your comments and suggestions will be welcomed. We kindly ask you to send us such comments and suggestions through our contact form.