About us.

Boxit is a young, growing and innovative company, with the mission of shaking the old world of storage and removals. A cheaper alternative to storage or storage. We offer a stress-free and environmentally friendly service to store belongings and rent durable plastic boxes for removals. We rent reusable boxes that are cheaper and more durable than the usual cardboard boxes for moving. They contribute to the environment, by sharing and recycling our boxes, we actively reduce CO2. Our business model contributes to the future of storage.

At Boxit we believe that business success and respectful practices with the environment go hand in hand. The only way to avoid the negative impact of storage and removals on the environment and minimize it is to create sustainable solutions that are practical and affordable for the end user.

Store your belongings with Boxit and you will do something great for the environment. Because we care and care ... together we make the world a little better and greener.

No more cardboard boxes for moving and horrendous amounts of packing tape.

The boxes we use for removals can be used up to 400 times and then recycled.

Why Boxit?

The founder of Boxit, has moved a few times in his life and realized that he would have to stop moving and storing valuable belongings in fragile carton boxes. Like everyone else, he spent enough money on cardboard boxes and ribbons. He experienced practically all the negative aspects that a carton has to offer: broken bottoms, torn handles, wet and damaged articles, etc ... Not to mention problems with storing boxes after they were finished with them. Not to mention that these boxes did not last for his next move (not even to store some of the things that he did not use). Storing and storing things was another problem, the space in their new place was limited and all storage facilities such as storage rooms or storage in the area were too expensive.

He was convinced that there had to be a better and cheaper way. Sealable plastic boxes, for example, would protect against moisture and impact. They are also larger and can be stacked to store and thus save valuable space when they are not needed. Since most people will not need all those boxes all the time, he thought it would be a great idea to share them with other people who need boxes.

His idea quickly manifested itself and soon founded Boxit. To address all the needs of people who store and store their things, they invested in a storage facility and delivery trucks in order to offer a complete service that provides delivery, transportation and storage of reusable plastic boxes and mobile equipment .

A clean and effective service!

Our mission is to provide an efficient service to our customers, while preserving the environment. We do not offer cardboard boxes as their production contributes to deforestation.

Trees help reduce the effects of global warming as they absorb CO2, eliminating and storing Carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air.

Therefore, saving your belongings or making your move with Boxit will literally make your city greener!