how to prepare a move

How to prepare when you have to make a move

Are you ready for your next move? We have prepared a list of things you must do before changing your address. This list shows you how to prepare a move easily. When you have to make a move, take a look at these tips.

How to prepare a move step by step:

  • Before moving.
  • Moving day.
  • After moving.

4 weeks before moving.

First of all you must find out how to prepare a move. Sort and select. Identify things you do not need and sell or donate. Everything you have not used in 3 years surely you do not need it. The fewer things you have, the less energy you will spend - the better for you and the environment. Have a yard sale or post items for sale on the Internet.

You should start looking for and compare moving companies. This will help you to know how much you can leave your move and have a budget ready. Do your own research. An estimate is the best option.

3 weeks before moving.

Ask for the necessary materials for a move and choose the optimum packaging for moving. Reserve the delivery of your reusable plastic boxes and other supplies such as carts, bubbles and wrapping paper.

Make repairs. The boxes you hung when you moved or the hooks on the walls leave holes. To leave a floor in conditions must cover the holes or paint if necessary to not leave at the last moment.

Will it fit in? Measure the size of your sofa or headboard and the dimensions of your new home to be sure it would fit through the doors and fit properly inside.

Confirm the last details. Get a written confirmation from the moving company you hire, your moving date, costs and other details.

2 weeks before moving.

Start packing. Start by packing things that are used infrequently. It is probably best to save and personally transport any valuable jewelry or special items. A safe is a good option for storing these valuables during transportation.

The next step is the change of direction. Go to the local town hall and fill out a change of address form. But it is also advisable to ask a nearby neighbor to look for the mail after moving.

1 week before moving.

Organize all pending issues. Inform the brokers, banks, schools, doctors, veterinarians, newspapers, babysitters, gardeners, housekeepers, insurance companies and public services of your move, as well as the new address.

Prepare your bags. Pack one suitcase for each family member as if they were out for 2 weeks. You will depend on a suitcase for a while, until you unpack everything, so it is easier and less so when you have localized what is needed day by day.

Reconfirm with the moving company. Check the details. Make sure they have your contact / phone information. Make sure that the payment has been made with your credit card.

Keep a small bag with tools located. This will serve to disassemble and assemble the furniture back when you arrive at your new home.

Moving day.

Make a small inventory. The suitcases you prepared should be loaded in your own car. Wait until the moving company has loaded everything and take a look in case you forgot something. Make delivery of keys.

One week after the move.

Contact Boxit. Confirm the date of collection of the plastic boxes that you rented. If you still have to unpack the best is to warn as soon as possible that you need the boxes something more than expected.

Now that you know how prepare a moveYou can advise your friends and family about the removals.


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