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Find out where to store belongings during the reform

Where to store belongings during the reform?

Sooner or later every one is facing with the reform of your apartment or your office. And always with the same dilemma where to store belongings during the reform ?. Of course, many of the times it's just about painting the walls and ceiling, or buy some furniture. But it is not always a question of a small reform. Sometimes there is a desire to change the interior dramatically. And then the question arises: where you save things, appliances and furniture, during the duration of the works.

Some do not pay sufficient attention to this problem. They believe that with only plastic covering over the furniture or bring the belongings to the terrace has resolved. At first sight it may seem that doing so is more simple. But this option has its disadvantages.

Why is not worth to leave things in the interior during the reformation

The main reason is the dust. Even if you leave things on the terrace or in another room, always a part of dust settled on the furniture. Often home appliances break down because of the dust. Tiny particles cause a failure in the electronic, and you will have to spend on your repair.

It is very difficult to clean things of dust after the reform, especially in upholstered furniture. Often, in order to achieve the cleaning ideal it is necessary to hire a cleaning company. And that service is quite expensive.

Not worth thinking about moving the things from lounge to terrace or vice versa is the simplest and cheapest way. It also requires certain expenses: as a minimum, you will need to buy covers and furniture straps. In addition, it is not so easy to package hermetically objects by itself, and move all in the same space. Before I ask you how do you protect the furniture in a work? It is best to think about where to store belongings during the reform ?

Where to store belongings during the reform ?

The things and the furniture during the time that lasts the work it is best to get them off the floor. But, where to find the space? You are lucky if you are the owner of a houses of field or you have another housing. You can haul the furniture there. Things will be safe. But in this case where you'll be with your family during the time of the reformation? It is not very nice to live with lots of boxes and furniture stacked in your living room and of course it is a more expense of transportation.

Often the things during the time of the reformation are stored in the garage. But the climate in the interior leaves much to be desired, especially in winter and autumn. Moisture and cold can destroy the furniture, appliances and of course clothes.

The best option to save things is to go to a company that takes care of that. This service has a certain expense, but the professionals assume all the concerns. Rent a storage room or a storage you can make life easier.

What are the things you can save in the stores?

During the time of the reformation in the storage it can store almost all things :

The dishes.
Sports team.
Large and small appliances.
Personal things.

During the repair of the office:

Machines office.
Processing equipment exhibition.
The documentation.
Office furniture.
The commercial machinery.
A variety of articles.

How to hire furniture storage?

In today's day we no longer need to go out to the street and find a furniture storage cheap that has the necessary space to store your belongings. With a simple internet connection you can hire online storage as in Boxit.

Boxit y el alquiler de trasteros

Advantages of save things with Boxit:

There are a number of advantages in favor of hiring services, furniture storage :

• Confidence in the security of the things. The specialists of the company ensure a transportation and preservation of goods.

• Time saving. You forget all the problems related to the transport and storage of your things.

• Money saving . The green boxes

• Reducing the deadlines of reform. Totally free of unnecessary objects interior to carry out construction works it is much easier and, therefore, the brigade to cope with a task faster.

• If we remove from the room all the furniture and other things, repairs will be performed easier and faster. It is not necessary to move furniture or to migrate to other rooms. Totally free the inside and there is space for tools, as well as the construction and finishing materials.

• If the reform is carried out by contractors, it is better to protect your goods. The brigade of workers do not always provide a guarantee that your things will be safe.. And surely you will not would like to take you in for a surprise at the end of the work.

We offer the space to store goods and solve your problem of where to store belongings during the reformation in Malaga, Torremolinos, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella, Estepona, etc… During the time of storage we guarantee the physical integrity and security of your objects.. In our setup we keep the temperature and humidity level ideal for storage. The belongings of the client is stored in a clean site, warm and dry.

The territory of warehouse is under the protection of surveillance systems of the latest generation. The modern video surveillance system allows you to ensure full confidence in the integrity of the objects value.

How well do you know where to store belongings during the reform depends only on you.

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