Self Storage in Marbella

Looking for a place to store your belongings as a storage room or a Self Storage in Marbella? Boxit collects, stores and returns your stuff in Marbella. A better and more effective alternative to storage rooms or furniture storage. Marbella is located within the area that operates Boxit, so you can also enjoy an all-inclusive storage service.

We know that prices of self storage can be high, so the cheapest solution to save your stuff is Boxit.

Boxit your solution for more space without the need to rent a storage room or a Self Storage in Marbella.

You can store everything you do not need immediately such as: Christmas decorations, hobby items, a bike, furniture etc ... even a whole floor. We provide you boxes so that you do not have to spend in cardboard boxes and tape and we deliver them to you at home. If any item does not fit in our boxes do not worry, we can also save it. We have several storage plans according to the needs of each person.

Self Storage Marbella

Pay only for the space you need.

With Boxit you will only pay for boxes and / or stored items or per square meter, as in Furniture storage Marbella. In addition, we offer an all-inclusive service. Delivery of boxes, collection, storage and return. If you need to save something big, we sure give you a solution.

Boxit your smart furniture repository in Marbella!

How furniture rental works in Marbella ...

We put at your disposal our green boxes of high quality to store your things, bringing them right to your door. Ask for as many boxes as you need. We also collect and store furniture and wax.

Save everything you need to temporarily store in the pits. We can also store your own boxes. Select a delivery date and an address for Marbella or any other site within the territory that we operate.

We transport the boxes or your belongings to our warehouse. And if you need something, we bring them back quickly and easily in 24 hours.

Where and how are your things stored?

Our warehouse is in a safe place in Malaga. The site is fenced and monitored with cameras. There is a security service at 24 hours. Access to our warehouse is totally prohibited, only access to our authorized operators.

All boxes, boxes and bulky items stored there are protected from moisture and dust.

How much does the storage cost with transportation?

At Boxit we provide a complete storage service. We deliver boxes, collect them, store them and return them. An easy way that you should not worry about anything.

The transport of delivery of boxes and its respective collection entails an additional cost of € 9,90 in Zone A and 19,90 € in Zone B (the same charge applies to the return). For larger storage rooms, there is a pick-up and drop-off fee depending on the size chosen.

Boxit is a Self-Storage in Marbella for you

We know that finding a good Self Storage In Marbella That is able to satisfy the needs of each client and that affordable for everyone costs time and money. At Boxit you do not have to pay for the deposit or make long trips with expenses of fuel and time as in the old storage rooms or storage. We take care of delivering, storing and returning your belongings, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Why pay more for a space that you do not really need?

Keep with us everything you do not use momentarily. Because we know that the space needs of each person can vary, our storage service by boxes is flexible and adapts to each client. Our services Storage and storage for storage of files and documents Is a good option so they also have extra space for things they really need.

With Boxit you will get the desired space to store different objects that do not require immediate use and the service we provide is more comfortable than renting a storage room or Self Storage in Marbella.

Boxit is not only a company to store your belongings, it also has the service of Moving Boxes Rental in Marbella and surroundings.

Do you need packing material? No problem. On our page you will find everything you need to make your move easier and more comfortable. We have bubble wrap, adhesive tape, blankets, furniture covers, etc ... You can even rent a cart so as not to carry the moving boxes by hand, thus saving time and effort.

Moving Box
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