Rental of boxes for removals in Estepona

You live in Estepona and are looking for removal boxes, the best solution will gives Boxit. We know that moving can be expensive and stressful, we offer the hire of plastic boxes for moving. Our plastic boxes are larger than the typical cardboard boxes for moving and above all our boxes are environmentally friendly. Forget buying tapes and the typical cardboard boxes for moving.

Boxit, for your move in Estepona easier.

Boxit provides an innovative system for your move with all-inclusive. In Estepona you can rent our moving boxes cheap by the time you need. Thanks to Boxit no longer need to buy cardboard boxes and metres of tape to be able to move your stuff. Doesn't have to leave the house, we deliver the moving boxes at your current address, and we collect them in your new home.

More than a young company dedicated to the rental of boxes economic moving in Estepona and storage, Boxit means a highly skilled team dedicated to alquilarte boxes so that you can make your move more easy and affordable with a comprehensive service at your disposal, so you don't have to worry about anything.

I Boxit in Estepona, the garden of the Costa del Sol !

How does rent moving boxes? ...

When you need to move in or Estepona we put at your disposal our moving boxes of high quality to pack your things, bringing them right to your door. Ask as many moving boxes as you need.
Now moving from one address to another is easier than ever. Select a date for delivery and an address in Estepona or any other site within the territory which we operate. Once you confirm your order you will not have to worry about anything. Our carrier will call 20 min prior to the delivery of moving boxes on the day specified in the order. From there you will just need to pack up your things and move. Once you install it on your new address and deadline time, our carrier will pick up the boxes at the new address, always within the territory that we operate.

Benefits of renting moving boxes

Boxit offers a green alternative, efficient and low-cost to your move. Why buy moving boxes when you can rent them? The great advantage of renting our moving boxes is that you can manage everything without leaving the house.

Our boxes are stronger than cardboard boxes for moving. In addition, once the moving touch them, and that hurts the environment.

Renting plastic boxes for moving there's a double benefit.

One, comes out cheaper if you have to calculate the time lost in gathering all the cardboard boxes necessary to make your move, in stores this type of boxes are not cheap and are only single-use.

Two, we know that the well-being of the environment concern all over the world. Our boxes can be used countless times to then end up recycled. Also you may think that the cardboard is recycled in the same way. False, to give use the recycled cardboard it is necessary to combine it with raw material new, what that means cutting down more trees.

How is the delivery and when it costs?

At Boxit we provide a service of rent of moving boxes full. We deliver boxes and pick them. A solution that saves you time and money. You don't have to worry about anything. You pay only for the time that you need to rent our moving boxes and an additional charge for transportation if the service is performed in the Area B.

How you got rid of sooner than expected and you want to remove the boxes of your new address?

No problem. Contact us through the website and we will do what is necessary to remove them as soon as possible. Do you need more time to unpack? There is also no problem.

It really is that easy. So if you're moving, Why not save time, money and stress, in addition to your part for the environment and rent plastic boxes?

The standard size of our plastic boxes for moving is 60 cm x 40 cm x 37 cm (88 litres), 10% bigger than a cardboard box standard for moving and the handles are ergonomically designed and the lids resistant to facilitate the transport and stacking.

How something does not fit in your new home?

As we well know the houses differ one from another, and sometimes not everything fits together as we were planning. Do you need to rent a storage room? Boxit gives you the most economical solution. If you need to store seasonal clothing or your items of hobbys apart from the rental service, moving boxes in Boxit also allows you to save all the things that you don't give an immediate use.

Our service saved by the box it is more effective and comfortable as any storeroom. Save by the box is better than renting a space that you really don't need. Our boxes of talk are designed to counteract the agents that normally affect the cardboard boxes as the humidity or sudden temperature changes.

In addition you will not have to worry about anything. We bring the boxes to your door, you stuffed us and we collect them for their storage. Do you need to get something urgent from one of the boxes? No problem 24 hours what you'll have in your home.

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