How to store and store summer clothing

How to store and store summer clothing?

Autumn is already here and you should be preparing the summer clothes that you will keep until next year in a storage room. In Boxit besides offering you the best system to store and store personal things of individuals in your area, we want to help you answer that question: How store and store clothes Of summer?

Before you put on your summer clothes, put all your clothes together in one place and decide what you want to save for next year and what you want to undo.
If the clothing you want to undo is in good condition we recommend that you do not throw it away and give it to a center or person in need.

Let's get going!

Tips before storing your summer clothes in storerooms:

  1. The first thing is to wash all the clothes you are going to store.
    Wash all clothing with little detergent and no bleach or bleach. With this method of washing you will avoid that unpleasant odors develop on your clothes after being stored for a long time. In addition if the clothes have a recent stain but lavas before saving, it will be much more difficult to eliminate in the future.
  2. Leave everything dry.
    This is very important. When you are going to save the clothes, you must make sure that it is dry, otherwise it will also produce bad odors. We do not want our clothes to spoil.
  3. You do not have to iron it.
    Many people will advise you to iron your clothes before storing them, but be careful, if you iron the clothes you are going to store for a long time this will make the clothes get a yellowish color.

Now you must evaluate the space you need to store and store the clothes.

Do you have much or little storage space? Depending on the space you have, you can decide if you keep all the summer clothes or select it to leave something in your closet. In this dilemma, Boxit can facilitate your task of calculating how much space you need. Being a guard by boxes is not only cheaper than a storage room but the space is flexible.

You can ask that you deliver the boxes you need to store all your summer clothes at home. Once you have it in boxes they pick it up and store it until next summer.
Box measures to store and store clothes

How to make in a box among more clothes?

If you did not know there are some special balls that you can take out when your clothes are inside. Thanks to these storage bags and the vacuum cleaner, you can eliminate all the air inside the bag. You will get very good results when you store your clothes. Put the folded clothes in the special bags and then remove the air with the vacuum cleaner, so you can save a lot of space.

Now you know how to store and store summer clothes, tapien serves for clothes from other seasons. Later we will see how shoes are kept.


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