Boxit history of moving boxes

The history of moving boxes

The history of the boxes for removals we will start it from the years 60.

At that time the boxes they used for transporting goods or moving of any kind were wooden boxes. These boxes were sturdy and could be reused although they had some drawbacks. his price was high for that time and occupied a lot of space. They also presented a challenge for contractors who had to move boxes from one point to another.

wooden box for removals
cardboard box for moving

Then the wooden boxes were replaced by cardboard boxes for the removals.

Cardboard boxes brought their advantages as: lighter and less expensive. However the wooden box could be reused and was much more resistant.

Since cardboard boxes for removals have little resistance and can hardly be reused, they also produce a lot of waste. Not only the cartons are thrown, but also the tape we used to close it. In these times of severe environmental pollution due to population increase in metropolitan areas, Boxit aims to reduce this waste.

Boxit an eco-friendly alternative.

At present Boxit has introduced a service to rent boxes for removals. Where all are advantages. The Boxit boxes are very sturdy, not only waterproofs can also be reused more than 400 times. They are also relatively light and save space when empty, thanks to the easy stacking. Through this flexible and economical rental service for moving boxes, everyone can use the boxes when they need them without having to throw anything away. A optimal packaging for all types of removals.

Box boxit

Every story has a beginning but the end is missing because we are in continuous development.

You already know the history of the boxes for moving, now it is your choice which box you are going to use in your next move.


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