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Moving boxes and packing Boxit

Moving boxes | Concepts to choose the packaging optimal

When we seek to moving boxes or packaging, and products such as plastic bubbles, or rent a car from moving, it is because we are planning a move and need material moving.

In the first place, we need to define our budget, buy cardboard boxes cheap is a search task quite difficult. Once we decide our budget, we need to assess how many moving boxes we need and see if it is profitable to buy boxes or rent, with the aim to save costs. When we are clear how many boxes we need we will have to see who else can make us lack, depending on the things that we want to carry in the boxes, you already know if they are fragile objects you will need paper or bubble wrap. But before that we have the packaging optimal for moving and why we're going to talk about the moving boxes.

Concepts to choose the moving boxes:

  • The size of the box: long, width and height.
  • If the moving box is resistant, as to the beating that it can receive and if it stacks easy.
  • Fragility of the things we need to pack.
  • If they are easy to transport.
  • The service delivery of the moving boxes.

Now we're going to go commenting on every one of the concepts, and seeing that we have to take into account for each of them.

Size of the moving box:

Know the size of the box is pretty important, and not only will depend on what you need to pack for transport, that also enables its transportation in an easy way. For example: if we fill a big box of moving with our belongings can arise complications now to load it in the moving truck.

If we put several objects in the same box, we can go to use all kinds of padding, whether plastic bubbles, newspaper paper etc...but we first need to make sure that the box can withstand the pressure that we apply to our objects more fragile do not move during the whole process of transfer.
Caja para mudanzas

Sturdy boxes for moving:

If we are going to buy cardboard boxes for our move we have to take into account the weight of the things that we're going to haul in them. As we well know, cardboard boxes are not very famous for its resistance. If things are heavy they can not be stacked because crushing can damage its contents.

The plastic boxes for moving in contrast does not have this problem of resistance. The be of hard plastic and with lids resistant allows for a safe transport and are easy to stack. We must bear in mind that in the transportation despite the fact that they are professionals in moving and try to minimize the risk of damage, in addition to the tight space of the vans or the placement of the same, we can find that once the boxes, the more fragile it is in the lower part, so that must withstand great weight.

Fragility of the things we're going to carry:

This point is key if we want our personal things, even the most fragile reaches its destination in perfect condition, sometimes it is better a boxes plastic cardboard. Yes buy moving boxes plastic may leave something expensive, but with the service of renting boxes for moving Boxit comes out even cheaper than buying cardboard boxes.

Some of the things more fragile than you can find in a house are the glass ornaments, bottles or porcelain plates and cups, transported in a cardboard box with a simple blow of a neglect can be broken. In this section we have the option ingenious of the plastic boxes for moving. With a good packing and a good box, the road can be even moved our things to arrive to their destination in perfect state.

Boxes for easy transportation:

At this point we will have to pay special attention to the design of the boxes. As you well know, vans or trucks moving are higher than wide and the moving boxes are stacked one enzyme to another so they have to allow it.

Typically the cardboard boxes have holes for easy transport, but we must be careful if the weight is too high, this kind of handles does not work and we have to move the boxes picking always below. Our plastic boxes for moving are designed with a few side handles strong and very practical at the time of their transport. Being plastic you don't have to worry about that you can open below.

Moving boxes with free delivery:

When you are planning a moving and the materials you need you also have to think about the time you lose in getting all. Go to a store of materials to move and buy cardboard boxes can be assumed to lose more of an hour depending on where you are. Our rental moving boxes includes delivery and collection free. For that you don't have to do anything.

Another factor against the cardboard boxes is the waste generated after its use. As are some breakable boxes are used only for a move. The excessive consumption of cardboard boxes directly affects the environment. The plastic boxes can be used in countless movers, therefore, the contamination is virtually nil.

After this information I think you can choose your moving box is correct or suitable packaging. You can obtain a great savings in time and money in the choice of the packaging or boxes, and if you need to rent a cart to move what we have.

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