Rent boxes for removals in Málaga

Boxit offers its customers a new and practical service of renting plastic boxes for removals in Malaga with delivery and collection at home. You will no longer have to buy and pay for cardboard boxes for moving and after using them you also have to throw them away. With our plastic boxes you save time and money.

Say goodbye to the old carton boxes for removals. Why buy boxes for moving when you can rent them In addition you only need them during the move. With our moving boxes rental system in Malaga you will contribute to improving the environment as our plastic boxes are reusable.

Boxit, an easy and comfortable way for your removals in Malaga.

Boxit provides a rental system for boxes for removals with delivery and collection. In Malaga you can already enjoy this flexible and efficient system. Thanks to Boxit it is no longer necessary to buy cardboard boxes and meters of tape for your move. You will not have to leave the house, we bring the boxes to your door.

More than a company of storage and rental of boxes for moving, Boxit means a professional team with a comprehensive service at your disposal so you do not have to worry about anything.

Make your move in Malaga easily and cheaply!

Rental of moving boxes in Málaga

How does it work ...

When you make a move in Malaga we put at your disposal our green boxes of high quality to pack your things, bringing them right to your door. Order as many boxes for moving as you need.

Now moving from one house to another is easier than ever. Select a delivery date and an address of Malaga or any other site within the territory that we operate. Once confirmed your order no longer have to worry about anything. Our carrier will call 20 min before delivery on the day indicated on the box transfer order. From there you will just have to pack your things and move. Once you are settled in the new address and the time period is fulfilled our carrier will pick up the boxes in the new address, always within the territory that we operate.

Advantages of renting boxes for moving

Boxit offers a green, efficient and cheap alternative to your removals in Malaga. Why buy moving boxes when you can rent them? The great advantage of renting our moving boxes is that you can manage everything without leaving home. In addition, the service is with delivery and collection so that you do not have to look for cardboard boxes in Malaga.

Our moving boxes are stronger than cardboard boxes for moving. Also, once your move is finished, throw them and that hurts the environment.

By renting plastic boxes for moving there is a double benefit.

One: it is cheaper if you have to calculate the time lost in collecting or buying all the cardboard boxes necessary to make your moves, in stores this type of boxes are not cheap and are only for a single use.

Two: we know that the welfare of the environment worries the whole world. Our boxes can be used countless times to be recycled afterwards. You may also think that cardboard is recycled in the same way. False, to use recycled cardboard it is necessary to combine it with new raw material, which means cutting down more trees.

How is the delivery done and when does it cost?

In Boxit we provide a rental service for moving boxes. We deliver boxes to your current address and collect them in your new home. A solution that saves you time and money. You will not have to worry about anything. You pay only for the time you need to rent our moving boxes.

Did you finish earlier than planned and want us to remove the boxes from your new address? No problem. Contact us through the website and we will do what is necessary to remove them as soon as possible. Do you need more time to unpack? There is no problem either.

Your most economical and ecological move

It really is that easy. So if you move, why not save time, money and stress, besides putting your share for the environment and renting plastic boxes?

The standard size of our plastic boxes for moving is 60 cm x 40 cm x 37 cm (88 liters), 10% larger than a standard carton box for moving and ergonomically designed handles and sturdy lids facilitate transport and Its stacking.

Does not something fit your new home?

Do not worry. We know that in each move we found things that we gave for lost but that no longer fit in the new house. We also know that there are things with a lot of sentimental value, that's why Boxit puts at your disposal the service of storage by boxes and flexible storage. The old storage rooms or storage sometimes offers a space too large and with excessive prices. To avoid paying more than just in Boxit you can store your things in our green boxes in our storage space.

Boxit provides an all-inclusive storage system and no need to leave the house. If you live in Malaga you can enjoy a flexible and efficient storage. Thanks to Boxit it is no longer necessary to pay for a space that you do not need to store your things. In addition the delivery and collection of the boxes is at home as the collection of furniture or wax.

Our service furniture repository Málaga It is used to store all kinds of objects that do not require immediate use. A cheaper system than any storage room. We deliver boxes, collect them, store them and return them. It's that easy, that simple. Do you have something that does not fit in the box? Do not worry. We also store larger objects, such as: A bike, a baby cart, suitcases, furniture, etc ... Discover the advantages of storing by boxes.

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