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If you live in Torremolinos and you want to save and store your personal things or moving and you need to moving boxes, Boxit is the solution. An innovative system of rental boxes for moving and storage boxes better and more cheap storage. We know that in the Costa del Sol the space in some cases is fairly small. Therefore you need to rent a space where you can save everything that you don't use momentarily.

With Boxit don't lack to rent a storage room in Torremolinos.

Boxit provides a storage system with in-home service. It is as if you had the utility room in house. In Torremolinos you can enjoy a storage flexible and efficient and a service to rent plastic boxes for movers cheap and practices. Thanks to Boxit no longer need to buy cardboard boxes and yards of tape to make a move or store your things. Doesn't have to leave the house, they are in charge of everything. In addition to the delivery and collection of the boxes is free.

More than a company of storage rooms in Torremolinos and rental boxes for moving. Boxit is a young company with a professional team offering a comprehensive service put at your disposal so you don't have to worry about anything.

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Why buy boxes for moving in Torremolinos when you can rent them?

Storage easy and simple way to

Delivery / Collection Eco-friendly Manages online

How it works …

We put at your disposal our boxes of plastic green resistant high-quality to store your things or for your move, bringing you right up to your door in Torremolinos. Order as many boxes as you need.

Select a date for the delivery of boxes and an address to Torremolinos or any other site within the territory which we operate. In the case of save your stuff to our storage room flexible we collect the boxes on the same day, and in the rental of moving boxes when you have completed your move.

How much is the storage?

At Boxit we provide a service of storage full. We deliver boxes and pick you up from your home for further storage. An easy way by which you should not worry about anything.

To save by the box in our storeroom you will pay only for the boxes or the objects bulky that you want to store and a fixed price of 9.99€ for the return.

How much does it cost to rent boxes for moving?

At Boxit we provide a service of renting boxes for moving full. We deliver boxes at your current address, and we collect them at your new home. An easy way by which you should not worry about anything.

Transportation of delivery boxes and the respective collection boxes in Torremolinos is free.

Now time and money without leaving your home. You will pay only for the time and the volume of boxes rented. The flexibility of the service makes it perfect for any type of move.

The innovation of the Storage rooms in Torremolinos

Do you want to rent a storage room and not worry about anything?

At Boxit we make it easy. We know that finding a good Storage room in Torremolinos it is not an easy task. What if I told you that in Boxit will not have to pay bail or make long trips to the storage facilities with expenses of fuel and time?

You get more space in your house without leaving it. Because we know that the needs of each person can vary. Our service of storage boxes is flexible and adapts to each of our clients. Also, try our services rent of lumber rooms for companies and freelancers are a good option for you to also have extra space for their goods and products.

Boxit is a synonym of a space that is used to save various objects that do not require immediate use and outperforms the storage rooms that are within the cities.

The services offered by Boxit is not limited only to store personal belongings, also the rent plastic boxes for moving Torremolinos and its surroundings. Do you need packaging material? No problem. In our website you will find all you need to make your move as easy and practical as possible. From bubble wrap, adhesive tape, blankets to cover the furniture to rent a cart so as not to bring the moving boxes with the hand, thus saving effort, time and money.

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