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Mistakes that you can make during a move

Mistakes that you can make during a move

If a move causes a stress quite high and it is normal to commit some errors, let's see what are the mistakes that you can make during a move. Knowing which are these errors you will be able to carry out your move with total success.

Without further delay we start with our list of errors in a moving, take note so that you don't fall into them and be able to do it without any type of incident.

Disassemble furniture according to type.

You may seem like a pretty good idea, remove the furniture and prepare them for their transfer. The idea is not bad, the only thing to take into account the quality and types of furniture. The furniture that are of conglomerate and wood pre-fabricated in several layers maintain their stability only if they are joined continuously with its screws.

The shelves for example are grateful to be moved in block, not only to stay intact, but because there is some furniture to re-assemble them in the right order can be very complicated and is a waste of important time. If it is possible to transport the furniture mounted is always better as once assembled take them apart can bring consequences such as screws that do not fit your site or breakages to be enqueued on their first mount.

Do not use the technology that we have at hand.

That lamp you like so much. The glassware family heirlooms. The vase you received as a gift at your wedding. Porcelain hand-made. With other words these objects more precious and fragile. Today with technology like cell phones we can take pictures of these objects so precious before loading them in the truck of the moving. So if you do not arrive at the destination intact we can claim insurance and have proof the photos.

Do not be lazy, with the mobile this process takes a second and saves dislikes. In addition to the claims last less when you have irrefutable proof that things were in good condition prior to loading in the transportation of the move.

A common mistake: Do not attach the drawers and doors of furniture.

This can happen: some operators move a wardrobe especially heavy, and when one of its doors is opened without prior notice, leaving him encased in the hollow of the door of the bedroom and causing irreparable damage to the wood of the door. Not to mention the drawers that open at the most inopportune times and street to the floor.

So you have to either fix everything that can be opened or released in a piece of furniture, such as doors or drawers. But with care, because the practice of packing tape can damage some woods and more delicate surfaces. In that particular case, best to disassemble or cover it with plastic first and then fix it with the tape.

Use garbage bags instead of boxes moving.

It is an idea that almost everyone wants to put it into practice. And more when we are tired from so much riding moving boxes cardboard, so much packing tape and cut with the cutter. Is the possibility of getting to finally yield to the trash bags of the larger size but it is not recommended. Let's see because.

mudanza con bolsas de basura

For a move big as a house or entire floor it is all a question of optimizing the space. In that sense, the moving boxes have little competition. In a van to load the boxes are stacked without problems, something impossible with giant bags badly closed forms are rare or, worse still, fragile bags of trash that break easily.

Not to think first of children and pets.

If it cost you with all the mess of moving, imagine how it affects children and pets. To avoid the complication if you can, you should try that the children's room will be the last to dismount, and first to ride a new home. That their toys and the objects of the college are located at all times. So you can once finish with the children to deal with the rest of the move.

In the moving with pets it requires a special care. En su nueva casa deberás dejarlos que explore a fondo los rincones del nuevo domicilio y sobretodo hay que tener localizado su comida, your water bowl and your box with sand. For your own sake and the animal's.

These are just a few mistakes that you can make during a move and its solution. On the day of the move all depends on the good organization and to have the assistance needed.

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