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Things to keep in mind when you move with another person

To move to live together, things to keep in mind before making your move

Moving to live together is a romantic and exciting and it all starts with the magic words howWe're going to live together?. There are flashes and a hug, and you start to dream how it will be. But, is it really the time? Moving in together too soon can become a great obstacle for a successful relationship, so it is important to make this decision for the right reasons. Take a look at our list of things to keep in mind if you're moving with a partner for the first time.

Things to keep in mind before you move to live together:

Are you exclusive? Do you see a shared future together? What are the parameters agreed upon in your relationship?
Despite the fact that you now have in mind only positive thoughts it is important to make sure to be on the same wavelength about where your relationship before you both sign your names on that contract. These are some of the most important questions there is to be done before moving together.

You have different lifestyles.

One is a night owl, one loves the early mornings. One is obsessively clean, the other thinks the floor is the perfect place to do what you want. One loves to organize meetings and dinners with regularity, while the other one is quite shy and introverted. Whatever the difference, a significant difference in life-style could be a problem that should be addressed before deciding to move in together.

To clarify the financial situation.

Who and who is paying? Are you splitting the rent evenly? Can you both afford the same type of place? It is better to be open and transparent about your finances before you move, rather than risk the fights later in the future. Financial stress is a recipe for tension in the relationship.

mudarse a vivir en pareja

Still have some blocking of the communication.

Honesty and trust are incredibly important in a relationship, but even more important when you decide to move in together. Will be in all kinds of moments: in the disease, in the sadness, in frustration, as well as the love and triumph. Are you ready to be fully yourself, to see all the sides of your partner and communicate openly what's going on? Moving in with your girlfriend or boyfriend is guaranteed to take this to the next level.

Do you think that moving to live together change your partner in any way?

The first and most important: any relationship that still depends on the hope of changing someone is a bad idea. Be moved together with the hope of changing someone, even worse. Whether you want to prevent your eyes wander, make them love you more, or get them to commit to long-term, moving is not the solution. doWhen you move together? When you are confident that you love your partner for what is currently and not what they could be.

Once you decide that you are ready to move to live together, it is time to celebrate. Then, start rent boxes for moving at an affordable price so that at least the logistics of your move to be easy and comfortable.

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