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Warehouse moderate Boxit, furniture storage and rental boxes for moving

Furniture storage and storage rooms, modern

In the last year the companies dedicated to the storage as furniture storage and the storage will begin to offer new services using current technologies to facilitate the process of storing your things. With so many furniture stores and storage rooms, one is left wondering which of them offers me a good price, amenities and security.

Take a look at all you can offer a furniture storage modern.

The furniture storage and storage rooms are gradually modernizing their facilities while you can still find guaradmuebles with facilities overdue. The key to becoming a furniture storage modern lies in offer:

Storage cheap.

To be accessible to all who need to keep personal stuff should be cheap, as Boxit offers a service saved for the boxes. When you need to save only a few boxes, a bike, a suitcase, a tv and little more in the outdated furniture storage and the storage needed to pay for a standard room even if your stuff occupied half of the space rented.

Store your things in boxes is a cheap way to get more space in your home. You pay only for the amount of boxes that you keep saving-you-money. For things that don't fit in the box you can also save them and pay for parts. For example: with the change of season, you want to save your clothes, your bike and don't have a storeroom own. I don't think that comes cost-effective to rent a guardamueble just for your bike. The best solution is to Boxit a storage economic where you will pay only a small monthly fee and your bike will be stored in a professional manner.

Furniture stores comfortable and practical.

boxit transporte

What it actually means to storage comfortable and practical?. As we well know these facilities are normally located outside of towns or on industrial estates. It means that you have to get there if you need to save something or if you need to withdraw something previously saved. All of this is lost of time and money. As comfortable and practical is a storage room is everything.

With Boxit, you have the storage closer to of your door than any other. How is it possible? A Simple service to save and store it at home. Everything is done through our web page. Indicate how many boxes you need to store your things and the next day you can have our sturdy plastic boxes to your door. After that you save your things we collect and store in our current facilities, waiting for safe return. Do you need something urgent from a box? Without problems ask for its return and in 24 hours the you receive. This is the concept of Boxit of storage, comfortable and practical.

Safety and security of your things kept in storage.

guardamuebles vigilado 24 horas

Boxit offers a furniture storage safe and professional in the greater part of the area of Costa del Sol, from Malaga to Estepona and into the peninsula to Coín. Our modern facilities offer a storage with climate control and surveillance 24 hours.

In the interior of its premises is prohibited entry to all unauthorized personnel as well as their customers. For security reasons, and the were save boxes with personal things this security measure helps to protect the belongings stored.

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